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The whole industrial chain of Huangshi copper deep processing is getting better and better

Huangshi is an important copper industry cluster in China, and the non-ferrous metal industry represented by the copper industry is still the pillar industry of Huangshi. In recent years, Huangshi has seized the historical opportunity of the construction of the national industrial transformation and upgrading demonstration zone, closely focused on the theme of fighting three tough battles and promoting high-quality development, insisted on taking quality improvement and benefit growth as the core, technological progress and collaborative innovation as the driving force, transformed the mode, adjusted the structure and changed the driving force, spared no effort to promote the development of the whole industrial chain of copper fine and deep processing, and focused on building a 100 billion yuan copper industry. By the end of last year, the output value of copper industry above the scale of Huangshi has exceeded 50billion yuan. Huangshi has become one of the four major copper deep processing bases in China and the third largest PCB production base in China. The Millennium copper capital is glowing with new brilliance and vitality

"the fire shines on the sky and the earth, and the red stars are in purple smoke. On the bright moon night, the song moves the cold river." Hello, I'm Shuxian, special commentator of Tonglushan ancient copper mine site. 3000 years ago, an open fire was lit in the Tonglu mountain beside me. From the "copper capital of Shangzhou" to the "iron town of Han and Tang Dynasties", from the Bronze Age to the iron age, ancient craftsmen created a complete mining and copper smelting technology, so that the fire of forging always burns on this hot land. In terms of copper and other metals, Huangshi has become an important raw material base in Central China and the "industrial granary" of the Republic. After entering the new era of transformation and development, when the once noisy mines are no longer noisy, and the roaring machines return to calm, how does copper get a new life? Our story still has to start from this small stone

in Daye Nonferrous Metals' 300000 ton cathode copper production workshop, copper ore from Huangshi, after layer by layer refining, begins its transformation here. The 300000 ton copper cleaning demonstration base adopts the most advanced copper casting process in the world. Compared with the traditional process, it has the advantages of high efficiency, low energy consumption and high recovery rate. Its production has increased the production capacity of Daye Nonferrous Metals Group from 350000 tons a year to 750000 tons a year. It also marks that Daye Nonferrous Metals Company has taken a solid step towards cleaner production and sustainable development

the development of Huangshi's modern copper industry began in 1953, China's first "Five-Year Plan". As one of the 153 key industrial projects in the country, Daye iron ore (smelting) plant was settled in Xialu District, marking the prelude to the development of Huangshi's modern copper industry for more than 60 years. Daye Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. has "dried and squeezed out" the waste materials generated from the production of copper through persistent investment in technological transformation, which has sounded the clarion call for the transformation and upgrading of Daye Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. and has also become an important link in the construction of the copper industrial chain in our city

then, where will these copper plates be transported after they are produced? Following the copper plates, I came to the production workshop of central China copper industry. Here, pieces of cathode copper plates became rolls of copper strip aerogel insulation plates, with a thickness of only 0.1 mm. It can be said that the value of copper has been sublimated again. It is understood that a few years ago, the economic situation of central China's copper industry was not optimistic, but its development in recent years was on the rise. What is the reason for the change

Wu Xiao, deputy director of the equipment Engineering Department of central China Copper Industry: in the past three years, we have increased project investment year by year. Every year, we have invested nearly 10 million yuan in social technological transformation, including industrial improvement. The equipment engineering structure, including the whole industrial improvement, has been comprehensively improved. The structure of the whole product has changed from the previous mid-range to high-end. It is expected that by the end of 2018, after the second phase project is fully put into production, copper foil products will be put into production, It will become the hub of the upstream and downstream copper industry chain of the third largest PCB Industrial Park in Huangshi

after the second phase project of central China copper industry is put into operation, it will further fill many gaps in the field of domestic copper deep processing. The story about the extension of the copper industry is not over yet. The next story is closely related to the start-up of the hydraulic system of our Jinan experimental machine

pcb is the abbreviation of printed circuit board. It is not only the support of electronic components, but also the key component in our hands that can operate smoothly. We learned from Dingying electronic products exhibition area that the material used to produce these circuit boards is copper from Huangshi. Li Shaoyu, the special assistant of the chairman of Dingying Electronics (Huangshi) Co., Ltd.: at the beginning, when Dingying wanted to come to Huangshi, it was mainly due to the favorable weather, favorable location and favorable people. The demand for our clients increased greatly, and we needed to find a new manufacturing base. Then Huangshi came to us, and Tianshi arrived. Huangshi has natural advantages in terms of geographical advantages. Golden mountain just separates the industrial area from the residential area. Daye Lake separates the industrial fixture from the agricultural area. Therefore, the fracture area of the sample at the fixture should not be separated from the agricultural area, so the enterprise can develop smoothly with peace of mind. The part of human harmony is that local policies give us great support, so we can be more competitive

from Tonglushan to Dingying electronics, a complete industrial chain from the production of electrolytic copper, copper strip, copper foil to high-end electronic products is taking shape. In 2017, the sales revenue of the city's copper industry cluster was 90.2 billion, a year-on-year increase of 13.3%. The annual production capacity can reach 700000 tons of electrolytic copper, 300000 tons of low oxygen bright copper rod, 90000 tons of copper strip, 3000 tons of copper foil and 110km of copper wire. At present, there are 36 enterprises above Designated Size in the copper industry cluster, forming an industrial cluster gathered by upstream enterprises such as Daye Nonferrous Metals, Chinalco Huazhong copper, Shengxiang copper, midstream enterprises such as Dajiang huanke, and downstream PCB enterprises such as Xinxing electronics, Hushi electronics, Xinghe circuit, Shangda electronics, Hongguang Electronics, etc., and planning to have the only electroplating park with environmental protection qualification in Hubei. The following land is the regional center, and a copper industry "circle" that radiates the copper industry bases all over the country has gradually emerged

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