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Zoomlion pure electric sanitation vehicles enter Beijing in batches to break the haze

Zoomlion pure electric sanitation vehicles enter Beijing in batches to break the haze

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recently, Zoomlion environmental industry company won the bid for the procurement project of Beijing Dongcheng District Environmental Health Service Center, providing the center with pure electric sanitation vehicle equipment worth more than 10 million yuan

in recent years, haze has occurred frequently in Beijing, and the air pollution index has continued to explode. In order to alleviate the air pollution caused by the exhaust of fuel vehicles, the pure electric sanitation vehicles with zero emissions and low noise will gradually replace the existing fuel sanitation vehicles in Beijing. It is understood that in 2016, 791 pure electric sanitation vehicles began to operate in the second, third and fourth rings of Beijing, making the new energy of sanitation vehicles in Beijing reach 45%. It is expected that by the end of 2017, the new energy utilization of environmental sanitation vehicles in Beijing will reach more than 55%

"the battery storage capacity of electric sanitation is very critical, and it is easy to become a short board of products. But the strong battery endurance is the advantage of Zoomlion zlj5030tslzl1bev pure electric sanitation vehicle," the relevant technical director of Zoomlion introduced, "It can't be judged by the thickness and feel of the plate. The plate sweeping and fan adopt advanced automatic matching energy-saving technology, and the operation time can be up to 8 hours, and the driving range can be up to 140km/32kw.h. this product also adopts dual-mode charging. It also attaches importance to strengthening the measurement of epidemic prevention staff and the public. Science popularization advocates that fast charging takes only 2 hours, slow charging takes hours, and the battery life can reach more than 5 years."

Zoomlion won the bid for the procurement project of pure electric sanitation vehicles of Beijing Dongcheng District Sanitation Service Center, which once again demonstrates Zoomlion's leading position and technical strength in the field of sanitation machinery

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