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Zoomlion reshapes the pattern of agricultural machinery industry

Agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturing industry has become a hot topic of enterprise reform in recent years. At present, the overall scale of China's agricultural machinery industry is about 380billion yuan, of which the middle and low-end agricultural machinery accounts for about 350billion yuan. The high-end and high value-added agricultural machinery and equipment urgently needed in the market are monopolized by foreign enterprises such as Europe and Japan. Although these foreign high-end agricultural machinery products account for a small number, their profits are high. This is also one of the reasons for Zoomlion to dig deep into the industry and focus on building the agricultural machinery sector

forward looking layout reshapes the domestic high-end agricultural machinery market

at the 2014 shareholders' meeting of Zoomlion, which ended not long ago, zhanchunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, once again stated that although the level of China's medium and low-end agricultural machinery has a certain scale in China, it lacks high-end industries. At present, the country regards agricultural machinery as one of the top ten supporting industries, which is to encourage enterprises to move towards medium and high-end industries

"therefore, Zoomlion's article on agricultural machinery is to continue to move towards the middle and high end"

in fact, as chairman Zhan Chunxin said, at present, China's agricultural machinery manufacturing industry is still at a disadvantage in the world, which is mainly reflected in the lack of independent innovation ability, generally backward technology, low quality level, low-end products, unreasonable industrial structure and so on

there is still a big gap compared with the main exporting countries such as Europe and Japan, which occupy the high-end leader and whose services should be given more cultural connotation. On the other hand, as a large agricultural country, China still has a strong demand for agricultural machinery and equipment, which forms a considerable market space

in this regard, Zoomlion has already launched a large-scale strategy. "Zoomlion, as a representative of China's manufacturing industry, has clearly recognized the weaknesses and weaknesses of the industry development from the beginning of entering the agricultural machinery industry." Li Jiangtao, vice president of Zoomlion agricultural machinery group, clearly outlined the development blueprint of Zoomlion agricultural machinery

"through global research and demonstration, the company has built a strategic layout in the field of agricultural machinery and equipment, including the goal of pursuing quality leadership and building a global brand of medium and high-end agricultural equipment, actively integrating various element resources such as global technology, talents and channels, and vigorously adjusting the business structure, improving management and innovating and upgrading, forming a strategic layout with the made in China 2025 The basic policies of "innovation driven, quality first, green development, structural optimization and talent oriented" in the plan are highly consistent with the development ideas. "

Li Jiangtao also expressed the future strategic goal of the agricultural machinery sector: "the short-term goal of the agricultural machinery sector is to sell 5 billion yuan (including tax) this year, and the long-term goal is to make our agricultural machinery sector a national complete set of agricultural machinery supplier. In terms of status, the goal is to rank first in the country and enter the top five in the world."

strategic actions march towards made in China 2025

made in China 2025 clearly points out that in the future, we will focus on the development of advanced agricultural machinery and equipment used in the main production processes of grain, cotton, oil, sugar and other bulk grains and strategic economic crops, such as cultivation, cultivation, planting, management, harvesting, transportation and storage, and accelerate the development of large tractors and their duplex work tools Large efficient combine harvesters and other high-end agricultural equipment and key core components

innovation and change is the core concept of Zoomlion agricultural machinery technology research and development. On the one hand, Zoomlion now has a research and development system consisting of the national and local joint Engineering Research Center for modern agricultural equipment, the Central Research Institute, the North American research and development center, and various research and development centers for agricultural machinery. On the other hand, Zoomlion continues to actively promote the allocation of global resources, through capital operation and cooperation with internationally renowned agricultural machinery equipment parts enterprises, to improve the technical level of the company's agricultural machinery

Li Jiangtao said that China has a vast territory, and Hainan, South China, northeast and other regions are the main grain producing areas. However, due to the increasingly active exploration and development activities of climate, soil, lithium resources, and the difference in humidity, one product cannot win the world. We should develop agricultural machinery products suitable for local agronomy according to local conditions

because of this, Zoomlion launched a number of products suitable for various regions, and achieved the effective integration of agricultural machinery and agronomy. At present, it has formed a product portfolio competitive advantage of 10 categories of products, more than 40 product series and more than 1200 product resources

"we hope to promote the technical level of the industry and improve the technical level of national agricultural machinery products by improving our own technical level." Li Jiangtao said

improving its own innovation ability, breaking the monopoly of foreign high-end technology, starting from the national strategy and then penetrating into foreign markets, while gaining a firm foothold, exporting Chinese style industrial advantages is the goal of Zoomlion's agricultural machinery sector, and it is also a response to the national "the Belt and Road" strategic plan

in the development of overseas business, at present, the agricultural machinery sector has established marketing networks in Southeast Asia, Europe, South America, Oceania and Africa, basically covering the countries involved in the "the Belt and Road"

its series of fist products represented by "Guwang" and "gengwang" not only won many awards, but also gradually entered the forefront of the international high-end agricultural machinery industry with its strong strength

Zhan Chunxin, chairman of Zoomlion Heavy Industries, is full of confidence in this final path of common rise through the geographical radiation of overseas branches, in coordination with the export of domestic strength and the National Grand Strategy: "we feel that whether it is market development or manufacturing output, we will gradually see the effect."

made in China 2025 not only puts forward development requirements for the entire equipment manufacturing industry, but also the tensile testing machine is used to test the mechanical properties of materials, such as static load, tension, contraction, bending, shearing, stripping and so on. It also encourages Zoomlion to focus on the future, reshape the industrial pattern, and continue to lead the agricultural machinery sector to a higher-end industrial chain

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