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Zoomlion quy500w crane assisted Changsha

Zoomlion quy500w crane assisted the successful hoisting of the gate pier of Changsha Ningxiang Intercity Railway

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recently, the Ningxiang super major bridge of Changyi Changsha Railway Section 5 assisted by Zoomlion quy500w crawler crane was measured to 2kg: the hoisting of the gate pier of Pb from 410kg to Fushui super major bridge was successfully completed, It has laid a solid foundation for the construction of the whole line of Chang Yi Chang railway. Zoomlion quy500w crawler crane and on-site guidance service have been highly praised by the construction party and the project unit

it is understood that the Ningxiang grand bridge in this bid section is a key control project of the whole line, with a length of 4762.555 meters, and crosses Ningxiang Avenue, Shichang Railway, Tsingtao Beer Road, Fazhan Road, Xieyuan Road, lanyuegu South Road, etc. The swivel construction of the continuous beam of the bridge, the hanging basket cantilever construction, the simply supported box girder erection preference, the expansion of the experimental function for users, and the hoisting of the steel bent cap of the portal pier all need to block the existing Shijiazhuang Changsha railway construction, which is difficult to construct and has high safety risks

this project task is the hoisting of the steel bent cap of No. 34 portal pier crossing the railway line in the section from Ningxiang super major bridge to Fushui super major bridge. The steel bent cap of the portal pier is 28 meters long, 3.5 meters wide and weighs 185 tons. It is the largest and heaviest one in the project. In order to facilitate the hoisting work, the railway route is specially blocked for 120 minutes. Under the requirements of construction safety, quality and construction period, the construction party adopts the 48 meter main boom of quy500w crawler crane, The main boom is hoisted in place at one time under the super lift condition, which does not disappoint the public

according to Li Jian, a customer of Zoomlion, the gantry pier hoisting project of Changsha Ningxiang intercity railway is the second project he purchased quy500w crawler crane. After picking up the car, he set out from Baotou to Jiangxi ganyao drug release carrier material prefecture to carry out the gantry pier high-speed railway project of China Railway Bridge Bureau. After completion on July 20, he immediately rushed to Changsha Ningxiang Intercity Railway gantry Pier Project for operation, and went to Jiujiang to carry out the Jiangxi chemical plant project on August 24. Quy500w crawler crane has witnessed the customer's three consecutive victories

master Huang, the crane driver who is currently working in Jiangxi, also said that the construction situation is very good now. Using quy500w crawler crane is a powerful addition to his strength, and the daily project operations are completed perfectly

quy500w crawler crane has strong lifting capacity, and its comprehensive lifting performance is comprehensively higher than that of products of the same tonnage. The working conditions are fully configured, and special wind power and shield working conditions are set, covering large-scale construction fields such as wind power, thermal power, petrochemical, shipbuilding, subway, water conservancy, etc

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