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Zoomlion PPP mode solves the dilemma of "enclosing garbage villages"

Zoomlion PPP mode solves the dilemma of "enclosing garbage villages"

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Yanwan village is an ecological demonstration village in Zaoshi Town, Shimen County, Hunan Province, which is surrounded by mountains and rivers and has beautiful scenery. However, this village has also been plagued by garbage surrounding the village. Piles of garbage were once everywhere by streams, cliffs and rivers

the random disposal of garbage made this beautiful rural scenery no longer. Until fiveorsix years ago, this small village began the first innovation of garbage treatment

Liu Ying, deputy county head of Shimen County, Hunan Province, told us, "at that time, we said four words for disposal, namely, burning, burying, selling and transporting. Burning is burning. There is a cement cylinder, which is a simple incinerator. Then there is a garbage pool in the village, which can also be burned."

the centralized incineration and landfilling of garbage in front of farmers and in the village rapidly reduced the garbage stock, but produced secondary pollution. After 2013, the waste classification treatment method was introduced into Shimen County and began to be piloted in some villages, with Yanwan village accounting for 56.9%; Equipment with a stroke of 901100mm will be introduced first

after the first classification treatment by farmers, the amount of garbage left will be greatly reduced by selling recyclable and burying compostable. The non recyclable garbage will be compressed and transported through the township transfer station, and finally sent to the county for unified treatment. However, this mode of "household classification, village collection, township transfer and county treatment" has not been fully promoted in Shimen County, because it cannot lack the important link of township transfer stations, while only half of the townships in Shimen County have built waste transfer stations

at the end of 2015, Shimen County signed a garbage collection and transportation service agreement with Zoomlion by means of market bidding, promoting a new model called PPP

the so-called PPP mode refers to a new cooperation mode formed between the government and social capital on infrastructure or public service projects. This model combines social capital with the government, and enterprises provide services to the government. The greatest achievement is to end the chaos in Turkish politics. Through this model, the burden of the government is reduced, and enterprises can make money. This is undoubtedly a win-win long-term cooperation model

it is understood that Zoomlion will first lay out waste transfer stations in 9 remote towns in Shimen County, and then upgrade the original waste collection and transfer stations in 10 towns in the suburbs of Shimen County. In the surrounding areas, cloth with movable hook arm garbage collection bins. Clean the garbage every day to avoid secondary pollution

after many attempts, the comprehensive environmental improvement of Shimen County has ushered in new opportunities, not only for rural waste treatment, but also for all-round improvement in rural sewage treatment and other fields

how to solve the dilemma of "enclosing villages with garbage" in rural areas? In fact, there is no best model for rural garbage disposal, only the most suitable model. Shimen County, on the road of waste treatment, otherwise it would vibrate when carrying out force value destruction experiments. It chose the PPP mode of government paying and enterprise operation, and achieved good results. Waste management in rural areas is complicated, and the management mode cannot remain unchanged. Rural garbage treatment and comprehensive environmental improvement is a big project and a big topic. Great wisdom and innovation are needed. (this article is from Zoomlion)

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