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Zoomlion: from people receiving mechanical harvesting to mechanical harvesting

Zoomlion: from people receiving mechanical harvesting to mechanical harvesting

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corn mechanical harvesting is an important part of corn production and a key link in the whole process of corn mechanization. After receiving mechanical harvesting by people, the current corn harvest in Henan Province is accelerating to corn grain harvest

Guwang corn kernel harvester is performing machine harvesting operation

it is amazing

recently, the Huang Huai Hai corn kernel machine harvesting on-site demonstration was held in the continuous corn pilot site in junzhang village, Guangwu Town, Xingyang. Two Zoomlion Guwang corn harvesters demonstrated the harvesting of corn seeds for more than 30 corn varieties

unlike previous corn harvesters, what is "Spitting" out from Zoomlion harvesters is not corn sticks, but golden corn kernels. Henan, Hebei and Shandong Province one year ago, agricultural department personnel, agricultural experts, agricultural machinery companies, drying equipment companies, seed companies and local farmers observed and observed on the spot

with the acceleration of land circulation and the development of large-scale planting, new agricultural business entities such as grain growers and farmers' cooperatives have higher and higher requirements for mechanized operation of agriculture, which includes the new material industry in one of the seven major categories of emerging industries that Nanjing focuses on developing. The harvest of corn kernel machine is a major bottleneck that hinders the realization of full mechanization of corn, and it is also a focus topic they are eager to achieve

tangqilin, director of the planting Department of the Provincial Department of agriculture, said that the corn harvest in our province was good around October 10, but most areas began harvesting on September 20. The early harvest led to a 10% reduction in corn yield. After the corn seed harvest promotion, it will win time for the late harvest of corn. At the same time, it makes its intensity higher, and realizes the whole process mechanization of corn, which can reduce labor and save production costs

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"the machine harvest of corn seeds must first pass the variety level." Deng Shizheng, a doctor from the provincial seed management station, told us that the variety of corn plays a key role in whether the corn kernel harvester can be realized

maize varieties that are suitable for machine harvesting and can thresh directly in the field require the same ear position, stiff straw and fast grain dehydration; The grain is hard grain type, which is not easy to break when harvested; It has strong lodging resistance in the whole reproductive process, especially in the late stage. At present, most of the corn varieties widely planted all over the country cannot use corn grain harvesters, which has become a problem that restricts the simultaneous threshing of corn harvest

at present, all regions are testing and selecting corn varieties that are relatively suitable for machine harvesting. Zoomlion is the first to launch a corn harvester in the industry. It fills the most important part in the whole process of mechanization of corn production, and cultivating new kinetic energy is a step in promoting high-quality development, changing the traditional corn production process

it is understood that this model can harvest wheat in summer and corn in autumn. It is a wheat and corn grain combine harvester. This not only expands the scope of use, but also improves the utilization rate of the machine. It is a composite agricultural machine that can save costs and increase efficiency for farmers

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the direct harvest of corn seeds also needs to pass the mechanical switch, agricultural experts said. Some manufacturers have simply transformed the wheat harvesting machinery into a corn grain harvester, often resulting in a high damage rate of corn grains. Therefore, how to do targeted research and development to ensure the direct harvest effect of corn is the key

Guwang's wonderful work demonstration attracted the enthusiastic onlookers of the on-site audience. Wang Hongqi from Nanyang Fangcheng Xiangyang agricultural machinery cooperative showed great interest in Guwang corn grain harvester. As soon as the demonstration was over, he grabbed the salesperson of Zoomlion and kept asking for product information

according to the conversation, Wang Hongqi contracted 100 mu of land and is a large local grain grower

in order to manage these fields well, he successively purchased 10 agricultural machinery equipment and established Xiangyang agricultural machinery cooperative with others. With the help of modern agricultural equipment, the benefits of cooperatives are getting better year by year, and members have also embarked on the road to prosperity. "I came here today mainly to look at the corn harvester and explore the way for members." Wang Hongqi told

"during the demonstration, I have been looking at the Guwang model of Zoomlion, which can harvest corn directly, take shape at one time, and is very clean. Our land is different from the big farm. I think the length of this machine is very suitable, and the technology is also very advanced. I just talked with the manufacturer for a long time, and now I am ready to order!"

at present, it is the busy season of corn harvest across the country. Zoomlion is the first in the industry to launch a corn kernel harvester, so that farmers can harvest corn as easily as wheat, and the effect is guaranteed

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