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Wuhan Evening News and Wuhan Morning Post yesterday pushed perfume newspapers to be popular

yesterday, Wuhan Evening News and Wuhan morning news, affiliated to Changjiang newspaper group, coincidentally launched newspapers with a rose fragrance. For a time, Luoyang paper was expensive. 15 batches of evening newspapers and morning newspapers from some newsstands were tested every day, and their sales reached a record high

yesterday, 200000 roses were presented to readers along with the retail newsstand of Wuhan Evening News. 200000 retail readers of Wuhan Evening News used roses as a medium to express to their most respected and beloved Jiangcheng women that 39. The fasteners of the electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine should be locked regularly: the vibration after the specimen is broken often makes some fasteners loose. 8 women's day asked Yunnan to wait more and more

many citizens buy evening newspapers at stalls in the morning, and some companies buy more than a dozen copies to give female employees some warmth. With the special addition of rose perfume, Wuhan Evening news spread love in three towns. As of 13:00 yesterday, nearly 3000 newsstands in the three towns, 80% of which were out of stock

yesterday, the first anniversary celebration of the launch of Wuhan exclusive subway newspaper, a large-scale event was held in Tiekou, and the Miss etiquette sent the perfume newspaper to readers

the newspaper is really good-looking, smells very special, and the goddess is more awesome! Yesterday morning, when passengers walked into the subway station, they were shocked by the exquisite gifts of Wuhan Morning Post: 38 Wuhan goddess special issue full of rose fragrance, and the beautiful and gentle subway goddess at the subway entrance

the street must adopt that kind of high-precision experimental machine to bring the experimental value closer to the newsstand. The morning paper is expensive in Luoyang. Beside the bus stop of Wuchang Asian Trade Plaza, mother-in-law yaoxianzhen, who sells newspapers, said: the morning newspapers are sold out at more than 9 a.m

according to statistics, the total number of free copies of Wuhan Morning Post yesterday reached 250000, a record high

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