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Wuhai 12345 call center builds a "green channel" to connect with the masses

Hello, sir, this is 12345 convenience service. May I help you, Mrs. Wang 4 Hello, I'm 12345 citizen service. Now I'll reply to the question you reported to us

12345. If you have something to do, please contact the government. Since this year, with the opening of 12345 convenience call center in Haibowan District, Wuhai City, residents have realized all government affairs and Affairs Consultation, supervision and complaint and non emergency help through this deformable measuring device and safety protection device, so as to directly connect the people's well-being and become a green channel for the party and the government to contact the people

recently, in the supervision and command center located on the fourth floor of the government affairs center of Haibowan District, Wuhai City, we saw that the operators were busy nervously, and the latest handling situation was constantly scrolling on the big screen of answering, recording, transferring and replying, and all kinds of information in the field of new materials was clear at a glance

Ma Ping, head of Haibowan District Supervision and command center of Wuhai City, told that 12345 convenience was opened in May this year, which integrates the government services of all District Units, and a number connects urban management and citizen service platforms. As long as citizens remember this number, they can realize government affairs, affairs consultation, supervision complaints and non emergency help. At present, the platform has a total of 7 operators, who can answer 6-way citizens at the same time and accept network appeals. Since its opening for more than a month, it has received dozens of consultations and help every day, covering employment, entering a higher school, labor disputes, urban management and other aspects. All accepted citizen appeals that can be answered directly will be answered immediately. Those that cannot be answered directly will be transferred to the relevant departments through the online office platform after being reviewed by the administrator, and the claimant will be replied within the commitment period. The process of handling will be monitored by the electronic monitoring system to ensure that people's appeals are answered and handled all day

according to statistics, since the opening of 12345 citizen call center one month ago, 1763 appeals have been accepted, with a completion rate of more than 95%. Judging from the current operation and information of the anti dynamic fatigue testing machine, citizens still recognize it. Ma Ping said that in the next step, we will further improve the workflow of 12345, strengthen platform management, and truly make it a green channel to collect social information and public opinion, facilitate the people, and improve service efficiency

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