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Wuhan Boiler Co., Ltd. chose siveco to provide maintenance and improvement services

Wuhan Boiler Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Alstom, an engineering giant, recently chose siveco to implement a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) to assist the maintenance and improvement of the plant

Wuhan Boiler Co., Ltd.

Wuhan Boiler Co., Ltd. () with a total investment of 900million yuan, is Alstom's largest power station boiler manufacturing base in the world. Its large circulating fluidized bed boilers, high-efficiency 600000 kW supercritical boilers and 1million kW ultra supercritical boilers can effectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions. As one of the largest boiler plants in the world, the plant covers a total area of 463000 square meters, including 120000 square meters of workshop, 15000 square meters of office building and 6000 square meters of material laboratory. In November, 2009, the factory officially began operation

about ALSTOM

with the improvement of domestic technology and high demand, stone is a well-known enterprise in the field of rail transit and power infrastructure in the world, and its innovative and environmentally friendly leading technology has become the reference benchmark of the industry. Alstom has built the world's fastest train and the automated subway with the highest power pull black knob. At the same time, it also provides integrated power plant solutions and related services for power plants using various forms of energy, such as water, nuclear, gas, coal and wind. Alstom group has 81500 employees in 70 countries around the world, and its sales volume reached 24.6 billion euros from fiscal year 2008 to 2009

about siveco China

based on its long-term experience in maintenance work with Chinese characteristics, as the largest maintenance and management company in China, with the increasing scarcity of global forest resources, siveco has developed a set of unique maintenance and management solutions to meet the maintenance needs of industrial enterprises. As we all know, the traditional industrial market has always been dominated by it suppliers, and siveco, founded and operated by maintainers, has always been committed to providing customers with rapid and sustainable maintenance and improvement results

siveco's services include: maintenance audit, benchmarking management, CMMS system implementation and maintenance improvement projects. At the same time, siveco can also provide customers with an intuitive mobile maintenance and management solution based on Web and portable devices (tablet or smart), and can realize data synchronization with any background maintenance and management system (coswin, Maximo, SAP PM, datastream, etc.)

siveco has more than 60 customers and more than 250 project sites in China 3. Torque and torsion angle testing countries, including abb, arnovigens, Arkema, Beijing Oriental Plaza, Brose automotive, Great Wall property group, Chenming paper, China National Electric Corporation, Danfoss, 2010 Shanghai WorldExpo, France natural gas Suez group, IKEA, Wanguo paper, kenos, Saint Gobain group, Sichuan Lutianhua Sogfy, state power, ZF, etc

siveco China belongs to the French siveco group, the largest CMMS supplier in Europe, with more than 82000 users worldwide

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