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In April, 2001, the national computer grade examination level I written examination questions windows

I. multiple choice questions (1) - (30) 1 point per sub question, (31) - (55) 2 points per sub question, a total of 80 points)

(1) computer components for data processing and processing, Commonly known as

a) arithmetic unit B) controller c) display d) memory

(2) memory in microcomputer is faster than external memory

a) reading and writing speed b) storage capacity is large c) operation speed is slow d) the above three can be

(3) when CPU in microcomputer performs arithmetic and logic operations, The length of binary information that can be processed is

a) 32-bit b) 16 bit C) 8-bit d) the above three can be

(4) cache in microcomputer memory system is

a) read only memory B) cache memory

c) programmable read only memory d) erasable programmable read only memory

(5) storage capacity 1GB is equal to

(6) The logic components used in the first electronic computer are

a) integrated circuit B) large scale integrated circuit C) transistor d) electron tube

(7) ALT key on keyboard used by microcomputer is called

a) control key B) up shift key C) backspace key d) alternate shift key

(8) binary number equivalent to hexadecimal number (BC) is

a) b) C) d)

(9) The lowest ASCII value of the following characters is

a) a b) a C) k d) m

(10) store a 32 × The number of bytes of 32 dot matrix Chinese character type information is

a) 64b b) 128B C) 256b d) 512b

(11) in the operating system, storage management is mainly the management of

a) external memory B) memory management

c) auxiliary memory management d) unified management of memory and external memory

(12) delete the icon of an application on the windows 95 desktop, It means that

a) the application is deleted with its icon

b) only the application is deleted, and the corresponding icon is hidden

c) only the icon is deleted, and the corresponding application is retained

d) the application is hidden with its icon

(13) in the following description of Windows 95 window, The error is

a) the window is the workspace after the application runs

b) multiple windows opened at the same time can be arranged overlapped

c) the position and size of the window change

d) the position of the window can be moved, but the size cannot be changed

(14) in Windows 95, in order to protect the file from being modified, You can set its attribute to

A) read only b) archive C) hide d) system

(15) click the wedge displayed on the right side of the title bar of the word main window. 1. It is generally a double space structure "minimize" button, and then

A) the window of word is closed

b) the window of word is closed, which is a button on the taskbar

C) the window of word is closed, Turn to the window icon close button

d) close the opened document window at the end

(16) in the state of word, execute the "cut" operation twice, then the accurate evaluation of product compliance in the clipboard is challenged

A) only the content cut for the first time b) only the content cut for the second time

c) the content cut for two times d) no content

(17) a document is opened in the state of word, the document is modified, and after the "close" document operation

a) the document is closed, and the modified content is automatically saved

b) the document cannot be closed, and an error is prompted

c) the document is closed, The modified content cannot be saved

d) a dialog box pops up and asks whether to save the modification of the document

(18) in the state of word

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