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WTO report: Taiwan's textile industry continues to decline

a World Trade Organization (WTO) report on Taiwan's trade system that has achieved excellent electromagnetic shielding performance said that affected by rising labor costs, Taiwan's once powerful textile and clothing industry showed a continuous downward trend

the research report stressed that Taiwan's textile and clothing exports accounted for only 4% of Taiwan's total merchandise exports, down from 5.6% in 2005

WTO trade economists believe that higher costs have seriously affected the clothing industry, and the restrictive global quota system ended in 2005, resulting in more intense competition in the export market

pressure has led manufacturers to shift labor-intensive production off the island, such as textile and clothing production to China and other Asian countries

however, in order to improve competitiveness, Taiwan's textile industry has deepened its traditional friendliness, paid attention to research and development, innovation and design, and tried to adjust its structure to produce higher value products

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