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Wu, as a new product in the field of RMB fund hanboshi Converter - interconnected audio serial port converter

with the development and growth of electronic products and interconnection, the use of smart and tablet computers, and the fatigue life of automobile leaf springs is not less than 80000 times. With the development of electronic skills, the experimental conditions are becoming more and more extensive and common. Therefore, the demand for smart and tablet computers and serial port devices is also more urgent. Based on this, Wuhan Boshi company once again launched a leading product to meet the demand - Boshi aux232l interconnected audio/serial port converter

aux232l adopts the latest VoIP technology to transfer rs-232/rs-485/422 serial port to audio interface for communication through interconnection. The audio interface is the headphone and microphone socket. Smart devices can connect headphones and microphones, so the aux232l is suitable for all computers, smartphones, tablets, etc

its feature is to realize the remote transparent transmission of serial port with the help of the audio call function of Internet instant messaging software. It does not need drivers and is independent of the operating system. It is almost free to use. The aux232l adheres to the consistent characteristics of Bosch converter, and has ultra small shape (80*23*47mm), RS-232, RS-485, RS-422 universal

patent: serial port controller based on instant messaging software ensures the safety of staff zl Patent products, infringement must be investigated

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