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Wuhan Dinglong Co., Ltd. implemented the first merger and acquisition of China's color printing industry

among thousands of printing consumables enterprises in China, Wuhan Dinglong Co., Ltd. completed the first merger and acquisition in the industry. Yesterday, Dinglong Co., Ltd. confirmed that the purchase of all shares of Zhuhai mingtu Technology Co., Ltd. in cash and by issuing shares has been approved by the CSRC, and will soon become the new owner of this enterprise, which occupies the first place in the Chinese market of color toner cartridges

Zhuhai is the capital of printing consumables in China, gathering Tianwei and other large enterprises with a scale of more than 1 billion yuan and billions of yuan. With the advantage of being the first listed company in the industry, Dinglong Co., Ltd. borrowed capital market financing and finally completed the acquisition with 270 million yuan

so far, Dinglong's product line has extended from color toner to toner drum manufacturing, and has become the first enterprise in the domestic industry to span both color toner and toner drum. Yesterday, Zhu Shuangquan, chairman of Dinglong shares, revealed that the acquisition of Zhuhai mingtu has rapidly changed the product structure of Dinglong. From the production of pure color toner to the downstream aluminum hydroxide flame-retardant plastic, which has less smoke in the flame, is a prominent advantage extension, which runs through the whole carbon powder industry chain. We will continue to play the role of integrator in the consumables industry. In the future, we will be committed to building channels and our own national brands, connecting the whole consumables industry chain and occupying the highest value point

general consumables originated from the environmental protection needs of developed countries in Europe and the United States. At the beginning of this year, recycled drum cartridges for printing and copying were officially included in the central state organs and the government forced centralized procurement. China has become a major country in the production and export of this field, but the mature markets abroad are dominated by well-known large enterprises. There are nearly a thousand Chinese consumables production enterprises, although there are also enterprises with annual operating revenues of billions such as Zhuhai Tianwei and nasida, However, the overall concentration of the industry is still low. Moreover, domestic enterprises are mainly engaged in low-end supporting, and most of them are working for foreign-funded enterprises. The technology links and products with the highest added value in the industry are still in the hands of foreign enterprises

previously, Dinglong started from carbon powder raw materials to produce color toner. It has been breaking through the monopoly of a few manufacturers in Europe, America and Japan. It has the only domestic and world-class fully automatic color polymer toner production line, achieving a breakthrough of zero color toner with domestic independent intellectual property rights, and high-end manufacturing replacing imports. At present, we are developing multi brand and multi model compatible color powders according to the global printer market. 3. Finally, we need to check whether the system setting of tensile testing machine is normal field friction coefficient and low noise. Different models have different requirements for color powder performance

as the only listed company in the industry, Dinglong made use of the systematic capital market to acquire Zhuhai mingtu, which is in line with the national environment of encouraging mergers and acquisitions of listed companies to improve industry concentration. Zhu Shuangquan said with a smile: before our listing, the capital market did not pay attention to this invisible huge industry. Now the power of capital is changing the industry. Our continuous integration will enhance the value orientation of enterprises in the industry and contribute to the standardized and healthy development of the industry

according to the analysis of insiders, Wuhan played an important role in China's consumables industry in the 1990s. Now Dinglong is working hard again, relying on the technological innovation strategic alliance of color toner and supporting industries, integrating application resources in the industry, and discussing the common development mode of the industry, which will help to reproduce the brilliance of Wuhan consumables industry

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