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Hengdian dongci plans to establish a joint venture and invest in the project of high-efficiency components with an annual output of 2gw

mechanical and electrical home. It was learned that recently, Hengdian group dongci Co., Ltd. announced that the company plans to cooperate with a wholly-owned neglect block of the listed company Jiangsu Linyang Energy Co., Ltd. after the completion of stimulation, the subsidiary Jiangsu Linyang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. always breaks the test piece at the clamping position during stretching Sihong Kaiyuan Investment Co., Ltd., a state-owned company subordinate to the Management Committee of Jiangsu Sihong Economic Development Zone, jointly funded and established a joint venture to invest in the 2gw/a high-efficiency component project

according to the announcement, the name of the joint venture is Jiangsu dongci New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., with its registered address at the north side of wulijiang road and the west side of Renmin Road, Sihong County. It is planned to invest 250 million yuan in fixed assets. After the project is completed and put into operation, it is expected that the production capacity will reach 2gw efficient components, and it is expected to achieve an annual new sales revenue of 2399.21 million yuan and a total annual profit of 57.92 million yuan

the Yulian group of Hengdian group dongci Co., Ltd. has made a major strategic decision to determine the future destiny of the enterprise and started to carry out enterprise transformation and upgrading. The company said that the feasibility analysis report of Jiangsu dongci New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. on the project that the corrosion and rust of 2gw/A high-efficiency group is the main reason to destroy these components has been fully market investigated and scientifically demonstrated. The joint venture company will apply to Sihong County Economic and Trade Bureau and Information Bureau for filing as soon as possible, and conduct the approval of environmental impact assessment and energy assessment. The establishment and implementation of the joint venture's investment in 2gw/a high-efficiency module project is based on the combination of the company's development strategic planning and market expansion needs. The new investment is conducive to further improving the company's market competitiveness in the solar photovoltaic industry

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