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Henkel introduced new high-performance gasket technology for the automotive industry

Henkel has recently expanded its gasket product portfolio, covering the field of new materials and processes specifically for the automotive industry. The latest R & D achievement of Henkel - loctite5883 polyacrylate gasket has higher oil resistance and proven low gas permeability, enabling customers to improve the performance and reliability of products, while helping them achieve productivity goals and reduce the process cost of concrete pressure testing machine, which is a frequently used testing instrument

at present, light materials such as plastics have become a consensus of designers of start-up analysis vehicle of steam testing machine in realizing fuel efficiency and sustainable goals. An increasing number of plastic components (such as covers or upper water tanks) are integrated into engines, HVAC modules and electronic components, which need to be sealed into core component units. The most common plastic substrate sealing method is the press in place (PIP) process, which requires manual placement of solid rubber gaskets or O-rings on parts. There is a risk of gasket displacement during pressing, which may lead to rework or leakage

after introducing the new polypropylene article to review the technology of enoic acid gasket for the previous works of the original competition, since the liquid gasket has a good adhesion to the plastic substrate, Henkel can directly apply the liquid gasket to the plastic auto parts. The liquid gasket can be cured by ultraviolet light in a few seconds to become a solid compression gasket with uniform adhesion. This not only reduces the risk of rework and leakage, but also improves the productivity and reduces the overall cost by automating the gasket process, eliminating inventory and omitting the complexity caused by carefully installing the extensometer on the sample. In addition, with polyacrylate sealant, there is no need to worry about the leakage of volatile gas from the silicon sealant of sensitive electronic components

polyacrylic acid gasket material has good adhesion to aluminum, so it is also recommended for sealing between metals. The combination of the new loctite5883 and the new high-precision xipg gasket technology marks a milestone in the development of chemistry and technology in the automotive industry, and brings good news for the whole industry to achieve rapid and efficient production, fuel efficiency and sustainability

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