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Henan Zoomlion glass quality management system passed the IS09001 annual audit. On August 20, Henan Zoomlion glass quality management system successfully passed the annual supervision and audit of China building materials inspection and certification center with "no non-conforming items", and can be recommended for registration in the national certification and Accreditation Commission

from August 18 to 20, China building materials Certification Center conducted a three-day annual follow-up general review on Henan Zhonglian glass quality system. The audit team made a careful investigation on the operation of the company's quality management system by means of interview, data review, on-site inspection and spot check. The audit team believes that Henan Zoomlion glass can operate continuously and effectively according to the established quality management system, the quality objectives are well achieved, the management methods such as internal audit, management review and corrective and preventive measures can be effectively implemented, the service quality can be steadily improved, the continuous improvement activities can be carried out consciously and orderly in the system, and the quality management system fully meets the requirements of the national gb/t IDT ISO9001:2008 standard for electricians to check and troubleshoot, It can be registered with CNCA

the construction of Henan Zoomlion glass quality management system was fully started at the end of 2011. In June, 2012, it passed the IS09001 national quality management system certification. According to the certification standards and requirements, the quality management system of Henan Zoomlion glass includes 1 quality manual, 5 procedure documents, 63 management documents displayed by direct reading, and 93 operation instructions. The contents and terms cover the production, sales and service of float glass products, which are applicable to 6 branches and 9 functional departments of the company

since the launch of the quality management system of Henan Zoomlion glass, the enterprise management department has organized and carried out many publicity and implementation trainings and internal audits of the quality management system. During the audit, for non-conforming items, the company issued a rectification notice according to national standards and requirements, ordered all units to rectify within a time limit, followed up the implementation, standardized the workflow, and ensured that the company could provide standardized quality products to customers in a long-term and stable manner. After many audits, the quality system of Henan Zoomlion glass has been gradually improved and standardized in the specific implementation, and the comprehensive management level of the enterprise has been improved. Zhonghua glass () Co., Ltd. has made it clear to reduce the crude steel production capacity by 100million in five years (1) 500million ton series Department

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