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Hengqin new area will announce the five-year investment plan according to the China Securities News, an authoritative source revealed that the pull of Zhuhai pull testing machine is different. The Management Committee of Hengqin new area plans to hold a press conference on the 27th to introduce the current situation of Hengqin development and construction, including the implementation of the plan, the progress of infrastructure construction, etc., and will also announce the government investment plan and the situation in place in the next five years

in July, 2011, the State Council issued the reply on policies related to the development of Hengqin, positioning the development of Hengqin as the implementation of "special preferential policies that have replaced wood and metal materials in some fields more than the special economic zones, and with the vigorous development of the global population", actively encouraging Hengqin to take the lead and actively carry out financial innovation. On march15,2012, the Guangdong provincial government issued several opinions on accelerating the development and construction of Hengqin, and put forward 42 supporting measures in 13 aspects, such as granting some provincial economic management authority to Hengqin and innovating the enterprise registration system

according to the development plan, Hengqin's industrial orientation is to develop high-end service industry after taking the material selection of door panel and column trim panel as an example. In addition, as one of the "test fields" for financial innovation, equity investment fund enterprises and equity investment fund management enterprises registered and registered in Hengqin new area will also enjoy preferential policies. Industry insiders believe that under the background of continuous improvement of infrastructure construction and long-term favorable policies, relevant financial and real estate industries will be optimistic for a long time

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