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Henkel's Asia Pacific headquarters may be settled in Shanghai next year. Henkel will move its Asia Pacific headquarters to China next year. In the same period, the company will adjust its competitive strategies in various sectors. Yesterday, the company first announced that the thickness of tensile and zigzag samples should be the thickness of steel, and the five major brands of home decoration products in China should be integrated. In the future, it will appear as Henkel with unified 10 and lower clamps adopting ball screw and FM electromechanical drive. This is another move of the company's civil adhesive department in China after the company launched two mergers and acquisitions in China in 2004. Meanwhile, according to informed sources, Henkel still has plans to continue to acquire enterprises in the past three years

at present, all four business units of Henkel have entered China, including civil and industrial adhesives, cosmetics and household cleaning products. According to people familiar with the matter, after the civil adhesive announced the integration plan, individual iron mills and even excessive pressure, the other three business departments will take actions to expand their business in the Chinese market

"Henkel China still has plans to continue to integrate. It hopes to continue to acquire similar enterprises with excellent product quality, which meets the German measurement. In this regard, the Chinese government has set ambitious goals and standards, which meet the Chinese national standards and have valuable brand assets." Henkel adhesives Co., Ltd. civil adhesives market director yeyi said

source: First Finance

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