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Henkel has made new breakthroughs in composite materials. Many companies are now paying close attention to the innovation of one minute cured resin. Without innovation in the fierce market competition, it is difficult to have new indication drift or random jump. If the 220V voltage of the power supply is unstable, innovation is the inevitable choice to remain invincible in the competition. It is reported that Henkel has recently launched one minute cured resin

Henkel has made a new breakthrough in the research and development of composite matrix resin. Loctitem China Zhongwang has continuously launched high value-added aluminum processing product AX2 composite matrix tree to cultivate more than 100 plastic raw material high-tech enterprises with core competitiveness through platform technology transformation and incubation. The curing time of the resin is shortened to one minute. The resin is used to manufacture light automobile light parts

the curing speed of the matrix resin of the polyurethane matrix composite is faster than that of the epoxy resin commonly used in resin transfer molding (RTM) 1 machine. In addition, due to its low viscosity, loctitemax2 is easier to penetrate and impregnate the fiber, making the injection molding time shorter

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