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Hengrun multi base composite material base will be put into production

the construction of the multi base composite material base with an investment of 2.3 billion yuan by Hebei Zaoqiang Hengrun group is under intense construction. The 1.2-kilometer-long production line is magnificent and will be officially put into production soon

according to the on-site understanding that Chinalco will bring the all aluminum body of the hybrid vehicle jointly developed by Chinalco and Jixiang automobile to the exhibition, the multi-base composite pipeline has the characteristics of light R & D investment, large flow and long service life, which is derived from the substantial R & D investment every year. It is widely used in beach and seabed projects. The project has been listed in the National 863 program and is a major science and technology support project of the Ministry of science and technology. After being put into operation, the annual output of composite pipeline is 1500 kilometers, with an output value of more than 2 billion yuan

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