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Today, with the rapid development of the cabinet industry, how to choose excellent cabinet brands to join? What strength should an excellent cabinet brand have? Today, piano will introduce to you the seven strengths that an excellent brand should have and piano's "Seven Star profit system"

this is the best time and the worst time! The reason for saying that it is a good era is that Premier Keqiang put forward the idea of "entrepreneurship and innovation for all", and the state has provided a series of supporting policies and convenience measures. The reason for saying that it is a bad era is that many traditional industries and products have been subverted! How to take my creative opportunity under this wave? As people often say, standing on the shoulders of giants can let us see further, and at the same time, with excellent people, we will go further! Entrepreneurship is better to choose to join an excellent brand and learn and grow under its mature operation system than to try and make mistakes from scratch! Nowadays, excellent brand agent distribution has also become a scarce resource

if you want to become an excellent brand dealer, you must first know how to choose an excellent brand. How to measure excellent brands? Why choose to operate this brand? Friends who are on the way to start a business must carefully consider this issue, because it not only determines the amount and speed of money you make, but also enables us to grow better, make big money and make more long-term money through management and help

first: industry potential

it is possible to have accurate market positioning, business objectives and the ability to predict the future development prospects of the industry, evaluate the current situation of the industry and the demand of future market development, and tap a huge capacity market and a rapidly developing industry

second: brand vitality

we should have strategic vision and keen market insight. We should not only measure whether the brand can immediately make enough profits for ourselves, but also fully evaluate the vitality of the brand

third: brand value

brand is an intangible asset. Whether a brand has value depends on its ability to expand and occupy the market

fourth: profit space

if a brand can't bring us enough profit space, we should choose it carefully. We all have our own answers to whether we should focus on small profits at present or on future development

fifth: product innovation

good products speak for themselves. Whether the manufacturer has strong product research and development capabilities, and whether it can always lead its competitors to launch more valuable products

sixth: team potential

only a strong team can have unlimited potential. Only when facing market crisis and strong competition can it break the cocoon and become a butterfly. Only a team can really help dealers improve their business capabilities, including marketing, planning, management and so on

seventh: service support

if the manufacturer can give strong support in hardware and software, the dealer will do it very easy. Such as support for decoration, training, opening and promotion

then, how to quickly select excellent brands

piano's "Seven Star profit system"

Star ・ industry

in recent years, the cabinet industry has developed at an increasing rate of more than 35% per year. The only zero inventory category in the building materials and home furnishing industry, with an investment return of more than 35%, has become a well deserved star industry

star brand

piano is the founder of Chinese science and art kitchen, the top three of China's top ten cabinet brands, the executive chairman unit of the cabinet special committee of the all China Federation of industry and commerce, the special products of the National Olympic Sports Center, a 200 mu first-class cabinet industrial production base in Asia, and the introduction of fully automatic equipment imported from Germany. The brand is a well deserved star brand in the industry from hardware to software

Star products

scientific product planning, unique selling point design, 100 original design patents, dozens of new products are launched every year, and the products occupy an absolute position in the industry

star mode

piano created the 13135 operation plan of the "SWS quick profit" system. The headquarters sent a 3-person special force to take 35 orders in a month from market research to minimum order guarantee, ensuring the business legend of "opening a store and succeeding in a store"

star ・ channel

brand is the king, and the channel is the winner. Piano network covers high-end building materials and home stores at home and abroad, and takes the lead in reaching a strategic partner with tmall. The huge number of visitors has successfully led to offline orders

star ・ service

56 regional markets, one-to-one exclusive regional manager's operation support, store building support, promotion support, image output, training support, platform support, 6 support services, point-to-point personal coaching

star ・ policy

piano's zero risk franchise policy makes it easy to start a business and make money quickly

seven star system ・ quick profit

in 2015, piano will sign 50 dealers on a selective basis

if you are the most desperate entrepreneur

if you are the most domineering leader

if you are also struggling to find an excellent brand

come to piano

piano sincerely invites you to participate in the 20th Shanghai kitchen and bathroom facilities exhibition

exhibition time: June 3 - June 6, 2015

exhibition address: Shanghai New International Expo Center

booth: N1 hall D03

17th China (Guangzhou) International Architectural Decoration Expo

exhibition time: July 8-july 11, 2015

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