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At the recently concluded spring home textile exhibition in Shenzhen, Huiya information had the honor to invite Mr. Li Juan, the sales director of Zhejiang Kaida cloth Co., Ltd., to accept our interview

exclusive interview with Li Juan, sales director of Zhejiang Kaida cloth Co., Ltd.

China soft clothing: Hello, President Li, what products have you brought to this exhibition? What are their characteristics

President Li: our company has three product series: Chinese, French, modern and simple. This product mainly brings "Bo Xi" of Chinese products, representatives of classical Chinese style and new Chinese style. Today, many businessmen came to visit, which is also a great affirmation of our company and a kind of support for the Chinese fashion trend

China softwear: compared with the same period last year, what do you think of the market situation in the first half of this year? What market trends are reflected

president Li: because the Spring Festival is relatively late this year, from going to work after the festival to the effect of today's exhibition, all merchants have high expectations for the market. The company team organized this exhibition carefully to cope with this year's market situation

China soft clothing: what opportunities and challenges do you think the fabric industry is facing in the second half of the year

President Li: the most important opportunity for the company is the promotion of Chinese culture and the improvement of Chinese culture nationwide. These have played a certain role in promoting Chinese household products. The main products of the company are Chinese style, including brocade weaving. The understanding and inheritance of Chinese inherent culture is relatively in-depth

China softwear: what expectations does Kaida have for this exhibition? Next, what is Kaida's development plan

president Li: the company is relatively sound. It is stable to do brand extension and promotion, including the in-depth development of products. It is bigger and stronger in this framework. Various materials, processes and current popular colors are integrated and integrated to promote decorative fabric art





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