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(high-quality home decoration, Carty doors and windows) once the new house is decorated, installing the doors and windows you like can really give people a refreshing and pleasant feeling, but if you encounter something bad because of quality problems, it will be a great disappointment. In order to ensure that the technical requirements of external doors and windows are clear in the process of project design, procurement and construction, and meet the performance requirements of wind pressure resistance, water tightness, air tightness, heat preservation, sound insulation, lighting, safety and so on, Avoid external doors and windows http://www.dgkadi.com With the recurrence of common problems in the project, Xiaobian shares with you five key points of door and window quality control

I. sealing requirements: 1 Corner sealing strip (rubber corner): the sealing strip should avoid corner splicing, and the sealing strip at the corner should be designed into a 90 degree integral rubber corner. 2. Sealing strip of frame and fan: three sealing strips should be designed at the opening part of the fan, which are respectively the main sealing strip, the blank holder strip of the fan and the blank holder strip of the frame

II. Anti leakage requirements: 1 The outer window must be equipped with drainage channels, outlets, and vent holes (air pressure balance holes) to drain the accumulated water in the window frames and sashes. A buckle cover shall be set outside the drainage outlet to prevent strong wind from blowing rainwater and dust into the window sash. 2. Size of door and window openings: the reserved size of structural openings should not be too large to avoid potential leakage caused by difficult plugging

III. structural requirements of frame and leaf: 1 Corner grouping: corner grouping is related to doors and windows http://www.dgkadi.com An important process of integrity. 2. Gluing process: generally, corner code + group gluing process shall be adopted, and the window corner shall not be extruded without gluing

IV. thermal insulation requirements: 1 Cavity design of profile: the profile should adopt multi cavity structure to reduce heat loss. At the same time, the thermal insulation components of the outer window should be coplanar from top to bottom to form an overall thermal insulation surface, eliminate the cold bridge and block the heat loss channel. 2. Thermal insulation tape should be installed in the glass installation slot: increase the number of air chambers, reduce the heat loss between the surrounding of the insulating glass and the profile, and improve the thermal insulation effect of the whole window. 3. The insulation strip shall be polyamide

v. safety technical requirements: the glass buckle should be installed on the indoor side. It is forbidden to turn the inner window into the outer window, so that the buckle can be installed on the outdoor side, so as to ensure the requirements of anti-theft, safety and glass replacement, and do not leave hidden dangers of leakage




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