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Having their own house, the owners began to plan how to decorate and love their home, which is warm and romantic? Is it low-key and luxurious? Or generous? But they often ignore more realistic problems. Changchun reminds you in this issue, how can we avoid all kinds of fishiness in the process of decoration? How can we make home decoration less detours? What should we do from design to material selection, construction and acceptance? Xiaobian helps you to avoid detours

first, choose a decoration company to compare in many ways

installing a house is a major event for the family, and choosing a decoration company is the top priority in the whole decoration process. Some young couples know nothing about decoration, so what the decoration company says is what, and the quality is not necessarily reliable. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a formal and well-known decoration company. Decoration companies with poor quality and worse service will only make your decoration process more and more frustrating

when choosing a decoration company, the owner had better choose a company with a good reputation and a larger scale, which will provide a good guarantee for the later acceptance and service. It's best to go to the neighborhood to see the construction process of the decoration company in person and listen to opinions, so that you can well determine whether this company is what you want to find

second, the quality of pipes and wires should be strictly controlled

all kinds of pipes are important materials in decoration, and many of them will be buried in the wall and underground, which is difficult to repair in the later stage. Therefore, many people may choose better materials, but for small parts such as pipe interfaces, many people don't pay much attention to them. They realize that the increase of water pressure during peak water use is easy to cause interface leakage, not only their homes are flooded with water, It will also affect the neighbors downstairs

third, how to avoid flooding the golden mountain

good pipes of regular brands should be selected during decoration. These pipes generally have thick pipe walls, neat text marks, fine workmanship and strong pressure bearing capacity. PPR pipes that are environmentally friendly and non-toxic also need to be selected. In addition, due to the similar packaging and appearance of wires, the quality gap is also quite large, so we also need to be extra careful when purchasing and take certain measures to identify the quality of products

fourth, choose decoration accessories to be extra cautious

for novices in decoration, when installing a house, they often only consider the visible decoration effects, such as magnificent furniture and bright chandeliers, and neglect important accessories. In fact, choosing the right accessories is a science, such as the simplest putty, all kinds of glue, etc. Although these things look inconspicuous, they affect the quality of the whole decoration

v. what are the hazards of poor choice of auxiliary materials

as the basis of decoration, the importance of decoration accessories is self-evident. If the quality of cement used in home decoration is not good, the tiles will not stick, and the tiles will soon loosen, and the joints between tiles are easy to fall off; If the waterproof coating in the bathroom is not used well, it will not only smell bad and not be volatile, but the wall will be easy to be yellow, and even prone to water seepage

VI. the decoration construction process should not be disordered

for owners who have experienced decoration construction for the first time, they should first clearly understand the construction process of the whole home decoration and do the right thing at the right time. The construction process of home decoration is usually divided into water electricians, bricklayers, carpenters, painters, cleaners, porters, professional product installers, etc. all links need to be carried out step by step, and there can be no confusion, otherwise the quality of decoration is difficult to guarantee

after these steps are completed, many people will be ready to buy some furniture and move. At this time, it should be noted that it is best to wait for half a month or more after decoration, and pay attention to opening windows for ventilation. If necessary, professional detection of indoor decoration pollution should be carried out

VII. Kitchen decoration should be prepared first

nowadays, many families will install integral cabinets in the kitchen. In fact, the overall cabinet is a systematic project, which should be coordinated with water and electricity, ceiling and other projects, and many decoration processes run through it. Therefore, before purchasing cabinets, you should make preparations in advance, understand the customization and installation process of cabinets in advance, and communicate with the construction party in advance to avoid detours and waste of budget after construction. It needs to be reminded that cabinets should be selected before decoration; After the construction team enters the site, the cabinet designer will come to the door for preliminary testing; Kitchen appliances and various equipment should also be properly placed

in addition, the owner should also think clearly when choosing to build an open kitchen. If there are still a large number of Chinese dishes to be cooked at home in the future, the problem of lampblack needs to be considered. If the open kitchen is considered due to the small area of the house, it is suggested to make a transparent sliding door for partition, so that the door can be pulled when cooking and opened when not cooking, which will not affect the spatial vision and solve the trouble of oil smoke





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