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Many owners want to create a luxurious, atmospheric and luxurious home style. There is no doubt that European decoration is more in line with the needs of owners. The traditional European style in modern home life is not only not practical, but also the decoration cost is too high. Therefore, in modern decoration, adjusting measures to local conditions not only integrates the actual needs of the owners, but also retains the elegance and atmosphere of the European style. So how to create a satisfactory European style, let's go and have a look with the decoration network editor

modern European style characteristics

1. The decoration must echo before and after, and the style is commensurate. Furniture generally choose furniture with Western retro patterns and very westernized shapes, which are harmonious with the general atmosphere and tone

2. In European style, wallpaper selection is also very particular. For example, wallpaper with biblical stories and characters is a typical European style

3. Choose lamps with less dazzling light. You can choose some lamps with softer lines or softer light. Such as iron branch lamp is a good choice

4. European style makes good use of cumbersome lines, especially in the bedroom. The picture frame that looks heavier can match it, and it does not exclude the gold painting, carving and even the appearance that looks more grand. On the contrary, this is exactly the style

5. For European home decoration, white is generally used as the background color. Furniture can be white or dark, but it should be a series with a unified style. Also make good use of fabrics, such as silk fabrics will appear more noble

6. In case of duplex decoration, stone can be used for laying, which will appear atmospheric. However, it is better to lay wooden floors in the living room and dining room. If some floors and some floor tiles are used, it will not only reduce the overall sense of design, but also easily cause the illusion of crowding

7. The best choice for indoor carpets is that the patterns and colors are relatively elegant. Too fancy floors may conflict with the tranquility and harmony of European classics




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