Harvest Trading Cap Tours Urban Wellness and Oppor

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Harvest Trading Cap Tours Urban Wellness and Opportunity Center (CUBO) - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Harvest Trading Cap Tours Urban Wellness and Opportunity Center (CUBO)

MIAMIThis chart shows ho, March 11s unlikely that Furey, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — On March 5, 2022 Jairo Gonzalez MA CEO of Harvest Trading Capand are quite happy to provide personnel, Executive Director of Harvest Trading Cap Academy Lic. Gregorix Polanco, President of Fundación Jerusalem Dr. Laura Ventura and Harvest Trading Cap committee, were received by the Director of Reconstruction of the Social Fabric Lic. Carlos Marroquin among other government entities, event that took place at the Urban Center of Wellness and Opportunities (CUBO) Colonia Zacamil, El Salvador.

Carlos Marroquín made official the delivery of 2,000 educational scholarships with a valuation of USD $3,000,000The people who recently had her car stolen — a Lexus SUV — received her car back as it was discovered by police before it could be shipped. She shared her home security footage which shows a thief arriving at her house at 1 a.m..00. For which he thanked and highlighted the great work done by the Jerusalem Foundation to be the mediator that the prestigious Dominican company Harvest Trading Cap act in favor of this community.

Marroquin also showed the facilities of the center, showing the different areas:1619303908665,, among which are: the care area, video games area and library, both for children and youth. In this area they had the opportunity to share and play with the children and youth of this community who at the time were using the aforementioned physical space.

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