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A Cordyceps packing box in Tongrentang is worth more than 5000

reading tips: a box of 200 grams of Cordyceps in luxury packaging costs 44900 yuan! After careful calculation, the value of its packaging box was as high as 5300 yuan! In a recent interview, the salesperson of Beijing Tongrentang Jianwai SOHO store told that this box of Cordyceps with a price of 49000 yuan is a new "national product series" launched by Tongrentang. Its large wooden box packaging is made of superior fir, and the packaging box inside is crystal, which is also equipped with a thermometer and hygrometer. The appearance of the whole package is "amazing"

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the box is worth more than 5000

the average selling price of Cordyceps sinensis, known as the "best grass in the world", is about 250 yuan per gram, which is more expensive than gold. It has always been a hot commodity in the health care market. During the Spring Festival, prices soared all the way, and its supporting packaging was extremely luxurious

at present, although the Spring Festival is over, the price of Cordyceps sinensis health products is still high. On the shelves of Beijing Tongrentang Jianwai SOHO store, there are president brand Cordyceps produced by Tongrentang, almost all of which are "luxury packaging", of which the highest price is 49000 yuan. In addition, there are 44900 yuan (200 grams) of treasures series, 10550 yuan and 5600 yuan and other varieties of different grades. Under the shelf, there are also some bulk Cordyceps

is the Cordyceps installed there the best? The salesperson carefully compared the Cordyceps in the box with the Cordyceps in bulk and told him that it was superior Cordyceps, produced in Tibet, but not the best. "At present, the best Cordyceps sinensis in our store only sells in bulk at a price of 320 yuan/gram. This kind of Cordyceps sinensis is particularly popular. At present, there are only about 90 grams left in the store, and the supply is very tight."

the salesperson told that the national product series with 49000 yuan (180 grams) should contain Cordyceps with a price of about 248 yuan/gram, and the packaging fee is added to this price. According to the salesperson, a simple calculation was made, and the value of Cordyceps in the box was 248 × 180 = 44640 yuan, then the value of the packing box is 4360 yuan

similarly, the 44900 yuan (200 grams) treasure series is also packed in a luxurious wooden box. The salesperson said that the bulk price of this kind of Cordyceps sinensis is about 198 yuan/gram, and the price also includes the packaging fee. According to this statement, the price of this wooden box is 44900- (198) × 200) =5300 yuan, only the packaging box is worth 5300 yuan

by analogy, 5600 yuan a box (25 grams) of Cordyceps sinensis, the bulk price is 148 yuan/gram, calculated as 148 yuan × 25 = 3700 yuan. Put it in a box, and the "value" will rise by 1900 yuan

wild ginseng packaging is more "fancy"

in addition to Cordyceps, wild ginseng, which is also "luxuriously dressed" in the health care market, was investigated

there are dozens of health care products wholesale stores in the health care products wholesale market on the ground floor of Chengtian Jiayuan antique market in Shilihe, the Third Ring Road in the southeast of Beijing. On March 10, I saw in a store dealing in Changbai mountain specialty products that all kinds of luxury packages were dazzling, including wooden boxes, metal boxes, and crystal boxes. Among them, a large wooden box 70 cm long and 30 cm wide contained a small ginseng, which was carefully placed in the box like mounting calligraphy and painting. A "certificate" used to prove the authenticity is marked with "100g", "produced in Changbai Mountain" and other words. Take the big wooden box in your hand and weigh it. It is at least about 1000 grams, that is to say, 90% of the weight of this product is the weight of the package

a wild ginseng with a price of 21000 yuan is even more eye-catching. It is a large wooden box with a length of about 40 cm and a width of about 30 cm. After opening the wooden box, the cover part of the box is wrapped with red cloth, with product introduction printed on it, a golden silk as the backing, and a small ginseng on it. According to the salesperson, it is a natural wild ginseng produced at the top of Changbai Mountain. With ID, you can check its authenticity on it and ensure it is authentic

when he expressed his willingness to buy, the salesperson immediately said, "if you sincerely want to buy, I'll give you a real price, 5000 yuan!" As soon as I opened my mouth, I dropped 16000 yuan. I can't believe my ears

looking at the hesitation, the salesperson then said, "I guarantee the quality. If you find any problems at home, you can come back to us immediately. What price do you think is more suitable?" Tentatively bid 800 yuan, and the salesperson immediately replied, "add some more, how about 1000 yuan?" In this way, without waiting for how to bargain, the price has been reduced by 20000 yuan

the salesperson of a health care product store nearby clearly told, "for the same product, if it is packed in a wooden box, it will cost 120 yuan, and the worst wooden package will also cost 40 yuan."

in another store selling health wine, a bottle of colored pottery bottled wine with a price of 1800 yuan is the most eye-catching. The salesperson told that the actual sales price is 399 yuan, of which 199 yuan is the price of colored pottery wine bottles, because this kind of wine bottles are specially handmade in Jingdezhen, a famous ceramic production base in Jiangxi Province, and the wine in the bottles actually costs only 200 yuan

the modern version of "buying a coin and returning a pearl" uses luxury wooden boxes as bait to attract customers. The practice is not today's insurance. They show a relationship of nonlinear stress and tension, which is originated by health product operators, but has existed since ancient times. According to Han Feizi, in the spring and Autumn period, a jeweler in the state of Chu once brought a batch of pearls to the state of Zheng to sell. At the beginning, the business was light, and the pearls could not be sold at all. The people of Chu thought hard, and finally came up with a good way to attract customers: he bought some top-grade wood and made many exquisite and ingenious wooden boxes. The wooden boxes were also carved with exquisite patterns, and smoked with a fragrance called cinnamon pepper, which was amazing. He thought that putting jewelry in such a wooden box would surely attract Zheng people. Sure enough, the beautiful wooden box and the faint fragrance it sent out attracted one Zheng people after another. One Zheng people couldn't put down the wooden box, and didn't hesitate to buy one. After opening the box, he returned the pearls inside to the jeweler, and walked away happily holding the wooden box. He didn't see the proud smile on the jeweler's face behind him

"the most proud are these operators. Once packed in a wooden box, the price will rise sharply. Many people really buy it. These operators secretly don't know how to have fun." Like Zheng Guoren, Mr. Xu paid for a box of Cordyceps for gorgeous packaging at first. Later, he realized that "over packaging is sometimes like a trap!"

during the Spring Festival this year, Mr. Xu spent thousands of yuan to buy a box of richly packaged Cordyceps to see his future mother-in-law, thinking that this gift should be fairly affordable, hoping to win the favor of the elderly

unexpectedly, my mother-in-law opened the heavy wooden box in front of him and found several small boxes inside. After opening the small boxes one by one, she found a layer of foam plastic inside. After opening the foam plastic again, she saw a dozen Cordyceps. It took more than 20 minutes to unpack the 150 grams of Cordyceps in six boxes. My mother-in-law put these packages into a bag and weighed them with a scale, weighing 15 Jin

"the old man said that I would not live and spend money unjustly. This spring festival was very depressing." Mr. Xu said helplessly

an unnamed health care product manufacturer told that the reason why health care products are over packaged is also to meet market demand. The Chinese people's human consumption and the concept of face require these health products to be beautifully packaged, otherwise they "can't get it". And "the more beautiful the package, the better the sales situation", which seems to be a law under the current market competition situation

South Korea imposes heavy fines on excessive packaging

unlike Mr. Xu, many consumers do not buy "packaging"

recently, a questionnaire survey and interview were conducted among 800 consumers in Shanghai, and it was found that consumers are very rational in their choice of health products. 69.3% of consumers believed that excessive packaging of health food would inevitably lead to an increase in commodity costs, which would have to be paid by consumers, increasing the economic burden of consumers. 52.8% of consumers believed that the packaging of health products sold on the market was "too luxurious and unnecessary", 67.3% of people value internal quality most

most consumers are disgusted with those health care products that "form is greater than content", and think that the role of excessive packaging is to dominate, blurring the quality of the product itself

as early as the 1980s, the United States, Japan, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, France and other countries have successively promulgated packaging regulations to curb excessive packaging

in 1999, the Korean government also legislated to limit excessive packaging. In order to implement the restrictions on the packaging ratio and layers of goods, three measures have been taken against manufacturers: first, check the packaging; Second, reward signs; Third, huge fines

for goods suspected of over packaging, the government can require the manufacturer or importer to go to a special inspection department for inspection. After receiving the notice, the manufacturer or importer must go to the inspection department for inspection at his own expense within 20 days, and submit the inspection results to the competent department for inspection

once the packaging of the goods is found to be in violation of the packaging standards, the government will order the manufacturer or importer to improve within three months for the first time, and impose a huge fine of less than 3million won for the second time

Zhou Hongyu, a deputy to the National People's Congress who is participating in the "two sessions" of the National People's Congress in Beijing, also proposed legislation to solve the problem of excessive packaging of health products. He believed that "we should draw on the advanced experience of foreign countries on packaging laws and formulate product packaging laws as soon as possible in combination with China's national conditions and actual conditions". Zhou Hongyu pointed out that in addition to the substantial increase in product prices caused by excessive packaging, a large number of discarded packaging materials are contrary to the concept of green consumption, and cause a lot of waste of resources and environmental pollution

when there is too much oxide skin, Zhou Hongyu suggested that before the formulation and promulgation of the product packaging law, the relevant national departments should actively introduce relevant regulations, put forward specific and clear restrictions on various details of packaging, and impose economic punishment on luxury packaging. At the same time, we vigorously advocated a reasonable and green consumption concept and launched a campaign of "everyone refuses to use luxury packaging"

it is understood that more than 20 health product manufacturers in Shanghai have jointly issued a proposal for appropriate packaging. The Interim Measures on appropriate packaging of health products have been discussed by relevant management departments and are expected to be issued soon

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