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8 UHV projects in 4 years! At 18:20 on December 18, the 72 hour trial operation of the Weifang Linyi section of the Shandong Hebei ring road project was successfully completed, marking the completion and operation of the Weifang Linyi section of the Shandong Hebei ring road project, which was built and managed by the state Shandong electric power company

Weifang Linyi 1000 kV high voltage line project is needed in many fields, and it is an important part of North China UHV frame. The project starts from Weifang 1000 kV substation and ends at Linyi 1000 kV substation, with a total length of 2 × 129.7 kilometers, passing through Weifang, Rizhao, Linyi, 3 cities and 7 counties (districts), a total of 246 double circuit steel pipe towers with the same tower are built; Weifang 1000 kV substation will also expand 2 circuits of 1000 kV outgoing lines, install 4 sets of switches and 2 sets of high impedance

The UHV line project of Weifang Linyi section is a necessary condition for Shanghai Miao Shandong UHV DC transmission project to carry out live commissioning of full voltage system, put into operation early and obtain benefits early. It is a key control project to solve the "strong direct and weak AC" of Shandong UHV power, increase the transmission capacity of "external power into Shandong", improve the power operation efficiency and ensure power safety. It is of great significance and far-reaching impact

in order to create conditions for the commissioning of the Shanghai Miao Shandong DC transmission project, the State Grid Corporation of China required that the construction of the Weifang Linyi section of the project be accelerated and that it be ready for operation in mid December this year. Shandong company attaches great importance to the construction management of the project, and the main leaders have conducted in-depth on-site inspection and supervision for many times to coordinate and solve the difficulties and problems encountered. In the critical stage of project construction, the Weifang Linyi section project has three bid sections, with a total of nearly 90 teams and 3100 people invested, and 72 sets of ground holding poles and 10 sets of stringing equipment mobilized. From September 15 to November 25, the erection of all 246 steel tube towers was completed in only 72 days × The construction task of 129.7 km line has created a new record for the construction efficiency of UHV Tower assembly and stringing. The expansion project of Weifang station overcame the difficulties of many power outages and high temporary power risks, refined the secondary network plan management and control, coordinated the power outage plan submission, and implemented the dual configuration of key personnel and machinery. In only two months, the equipment foundation pouring, 1000 kV framework assembly, 1000 kV GIS installation and high impedance installation were completed, which laid a solid foundation for the success of one-time power transmission

at 1:20 on December 16, the Shanghai Miao Shandong DC transmission project carried out the unlocking and commissioning of the very 1 low-end valve hall. Standard 6. Regular inspection of components and parts: all signal devices such as pressure control valves, flow control valves, pump regulators and pressure relays, travel switches, thermal relays, PLA and flexible materials marked the official start of the end-to-end live commissioning of the low-end system of the project. The UHV project of Weifang Linyi section played a key role only seven hours after it was put into trial operation

since 2014, Shandong company has spared no effort to "build the best electricity" and completed eight UHV projects of "four AC and four DC". A total of 3 UHV AC substations have been built, with a substation capacity of 21 million KVA, and 1176.4 kilometers of AC lines. Due to the experimental force and displacement, high-precision load sensors and displacement sensors are adopted for the double number display experimental machine; There are 2 UHV converter stations with a conversion capacity of 20million kW and 1039.1 km DC lines

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