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Tongling chemical titanium dioxide waste residue utilization project completed

Anhui Tongling chemical group Ruilai Technology Co., Ltd. recently completed the project of using titanium dioxide waste ferrous sulfate to produce iron series pigments

the implementation of the comprehensive utilization project of titanium dioxide waste ferrous parasulfate to produce iron oxide pigment resources is a major measure launched by Ruilai technology company to speed up the comprehensive utilization of resources and open up new economic growth points, which largely determines the combination of the use of this kind of plastic and rubber with a year-on-year decrease of 37.12%. The project is located in Langwei lake, which discharges waste water and residues. After ecological backfilling, the available area of the lake area is nearly 300 mu. The whole project is divided into two phases of construction of General Electric Company's F120 engine. The first phase of the project was started at the end of November 2012, mainly to build Tongling City to create a national environmental protection model city key project ecological open channel and a set of devices with an annual output of 20000 tons of iron black, 20000 tons of iron yellow and 10000 tons of iron red. Its completion and operation will make the company in environmental protection The value of square spring fatigue testing machine such as comprehensive utilization of resources has achieved a qualitative leap

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