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Code for fire protection design of buildings BJ 16 (7) (2001 Edition) Tongling: power first helps Guzhen create 5A

the product types produced by Xiangmo in the first phase of DuPont Hongji new materials mainly include LCD optical film, solar photovoltaic cell backplane film, etc.

on August 30, Wu Jian and Xiong shuangbing, staff of Anhui Tongling Power Supply Company, were inspecting the electrical facilities of tourist attractions in Datong old street of Guzhen, renovating the back line of customers, Help the Millennium ancient town Datong to create a national 5A tourist attraction

it is an ancient town Datong that adapts to a relatively large pull year. It is located in the core area of the southern urban area of Tongling. Its recycling rate can reach more than 90% for more than a thousand years. It is known as the "four major commercial ports" of Anhui together with Anqing, Wuhu and Bengbu. It is known as "little Shanghai". It is the first batch of Characteristic Towns in China and the national 4A tourist attraction

in order to actively serve the development of local tourism and help Datong ancient town to create a national 5A tourist attraction, Tongling power supply company has organized staff to go deep into Datong ancient town for several days to conduct patrol inspection and arrangement statistics on the power supply lines and equipment in Datong old street, and collected first-hand on-site information for the subsequent underground transformation of overhead lines; 26 cable branch boxes distributed on the old street were carpet unpacked for physical examination, and it was found that they were hot and loose, Consolidate one by one to eliminate hidden dangers; increase the sorting of users' meter back lines, check hidden dangers and help customers rectify in time to ensure users' safe use of electricity

at the same time, increase the publicity and education on the safe use of electricity for the shops in the scenic spot and the surrounding residents, distribute the publicity materials on the safe use of electricity, improve the residents' awareness of the safe use of electricity, and ensure the safety and stability of the power supply lines in the scenic spot and the surrounding areas; strengthen the monitoring of the load data in the scenic spot, master the law of the load change in the scenic spot, help the tourist reception center reasonably allocate electricity, and improve the ability to receive tourists in the peak season of the scenic spot. (Gao Xiaobing) (editor in charge: Liu Ying, Jin Leixin)

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