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Trial operation of Tongren 3.175mm steel ball big data call center

on February 2, it was learned from the Municipal Commission of industry and information technology that the project of Tongren big data call center (phase I) with a capacity of 300 seats has been completed, a 28 person operation team has been formed, and a large deformation team has been formed during the contraction. 58 customer service staff have been stationed and related performance: start training, which marks that Tongren big data call center has fully entered the trial operation stage. The low-temperature tank is controlled by single-chip microcomputer technology. It is understood that Tongren big data call center is one of the key supporting projects for the development of big data industry in Tongren City. The project base is built in the e-commerce and Information Industry Park of Tongren high tech Zone. The project provides e-commerce services such as municipal, logistics customer service, market and social research, e-commerce customer service, e-marketing invitation, and the project investment is 15million yuan

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