Eight trends of the hottest enterprise management

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Eight trends of enterprise management innovation

recently, the national enterprise management modernization innovation achievement examination and Approval Committee and the management modernization Working Committee of the China Enterprise Federation jointly released a tracking report on the latest trends of enterprise management innovation at home and abroad. The report believes that the stability, certainty and predictability of the current business environment have been replaced by innovation, instability and unpredictability. At the same time, domestic and foreign enterprises have carried out many management changes with computers in line with the changes of the times, mainly showing the following eight trends

first, from the hope of carefully choosing experimental machines when purchasing, the pursuit of profit maximization to the pursuit of sustainable growth of enterprises

research shows that taking profit maximization as the only theme of management is one of the important causes of premature death of enterprises. Adhering to the concept of sustainable growth management, we will pay attention to overall optimization, systematic management and continuous improvement of market competitive advantage by relying on core competitiveness; Pay attention to consolidating the basic management, and emphasize the refinement, scientization, proceduralization, standardization and institutionalization of management; Pay attention to people-oriented, constantly improve the quality of employees, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, give play to their dynamic role, and so on

second, promote the competition of C919 development work system from transmission and coordination to the competition of operation ability

to improve the operation ability of enterprises, it is necessary to make the production, marketing, organization, management and other aspects of enterprises agile, and realize the transformation to "agile management" mode. For example, in terms of production, it has the ability to manufacture products in any batch according to customer orders and improve after-sales service

third, the cooperation between enterprises has shifted from the general cooperation mode to the supply chain cooperation mode, which is to replace a rotor free vulcanizer detector with good performance, network organization, virtual enterprise, international strategic alliance, etc.

in the survival principle of modern enterprises, exclusivity has been replaced and included by cooperation. Many successful enterprises have formed many competitive ways of mutually beneficial cooperation, mainly including supply chain, strategic network, cooperative joint venture and virtual organization

IV. the knowledge and skills of employees have become important resources for enterprises to maintain competitive advantages.

although plant and equipment are easy to evaluate and manage, they have become increasingly difficult to determine the value of enterprises. On the contrary, the value of an enterprise depends more on intangible assets, such as brands, patents, franchises, software, research projects, creativity and expertise

v. from traditional single performance appraisal to comprehensive performance management

linking performance management with corporate strategy and changing static appraisal into dynamic management are the remarkable characteristics of performance management in recent years. Including target management, key performance indicators (KPIs), 360 degree scoring, balanced scorecard and EVA value management

VI. information technology changes the operation mode of enterprises

collaborative design, collaborative manufacturing and customer relationship management. Enterprises can cross the boundaries of internal resources and realize the effective organization and management of the resources of the whole supply chain

VII. The concept of customer orientation has been surpassed

in the past decade, some high-tech enterprises led by Microsoft and Intel have given up "customer orientation" and adopted a product centric business strategy, which has achieved great success, resulting in a new competitive thinking beyond "customer orientation". What enterprises are facing is not only the existing share, but also the future market and challenges. We should improve the predictability of enterprises and seize industrial opportunities

VIII. From one-sided pursuit of the enterprise's own interests to paying attention to the implementation of society and realizing the coordinated development of economy, environment and society

sa8000 standard is a latest management system standard. Most companies realize that consumers will increasingly consider the company's ethical performance when choosing businesses, and compliance with ethical standards in the business industry has become a top priority

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