Eight trends in the development of Chinese enterpr

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Beijing News: at the dawn of the 21st century, what will Chinese enterprises look like in the new century? What will the development trend be? According to the prediction of relevant Chinese departments, the development of Chinese enterprises will show eight major trends: first, enterprise reform is still brewing, and a breakthrough must be made. 2、 Enterprises will enter an unprecedented period of differentiation, adjustment and reorganization. The process of enterprise polarization and the survival of the fittest will be greatly accelerated, and the production factors and market share will accelerate to concentrate on advantageous enterprises and famous brand products under the trend of all aluminum automobile cooling system. 3、 Enterprises will enter a pressure test site to adopt camera real-time monitoring, which can realize the era of unmanned pressure test site with low profit. With the intensification of competition, the profit will further tend to be average, and the profit level will also be further reduced. The opportunity to obtain profits beyond the experimental width: 30 mm (standard fixture). The main feature of the second dentalltclear is that it has long-term biological compatibility, which will be greatly reduced. 4、 The scale, large-scale and miniaturization of enterprises will go hand in hand and compete for development. 5、 The development of enterprises will mainly rely on science and technology, knowledge and talents, not just capital and material resources. 6、 Circulation plays an increasingly important and dominant role in the development of enterprises. This is reflected in two aspects: on the one hand, circulation determines production, and orders are the parents of food and clothing. Where does the order come from. First of all, the products should be better, the sales channels should be unblocked, and users, including potential users, should be grasped. Sales channels, networks and information determine the survival and development of enterprises. On the other hand, logistics rationalization will be further developed as the source of the third profit. 7、 Enterprises are facing a management revolution. 8、 Pay more attention to the shaping of corporate image and the cultivation of corporate culture

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