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Tongli heavy industry held an exchange Symposium on "learning and training"

Tongli heavy industry held an exchange Symposium on "learning and training"

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on August 14, 2014, the training center organized an exchange Symposium on "learning and training" in the conference room of block a, Xianyang Industrial Park, Tongli heavy industry. Relevant leaders of the company and student representatives attended the symposium

at the symposium, Han shuoliang, the person in charge of the training center, briefed on the learning situation of the college in the past two years, displayed the learning notes and test papers of excellent students, and commended the excellent students of this year. At the meeting, student representatives discussed their learning experiences such as "the importance of learning for work" and "how to make better use of the network training platform". The students expressed their views and the atmosphere was warm. Finally, Lu ang, the leader of the company, called on the employees to start from the actual work, apply what they have learned, improve work quality and work efficiency through their own continuous learning, and better serve customers according to statistics, Realize the corporate vision of Tongli heavy industry to "become a leading supplier of engineering and transportation solutions and equipment in China". The "Tongli network college" was established in 2012, with general manager Xu Yanan as the president. The college is established to improve the work of employees at all levels and help them grow. It is "customized" with the "Tongli method" Similarly, in terms of learning and training, the company has also customized learning plans for employees in different positions in the college, from overseas business managers to internal management clerks, from grass-roots employees to middle-level leaders of the company, and even the general manager. Everyone and every position has their own "required courses". Through more than two years of online learning and offline communication, the company has formed a strong learning atmosphere

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