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The grand opening tomorrow! Southwest Rubber and plastic industry event, wonderful not to be missed

the 14th China Chengdu rubber and plastic and packaging industry exhibition 2020

tomorrow (September 17)

the grand opening of hall 5, New International Convention and Exhibition Center, Century City, Chengdu

this exhibition focuses on the theme of "green intelligence and improvement", focusing on seven professional exhibition areas, including new chemical and plastic materials, plastic processing machinery, complete sets of plastic flexible packaging equipment, auxiliary equipment, intelligent automation, molds and parts, and plastic products exhibition areas. Focusing on the innovative materials and new trends of high and new technologies in the rubber and plastic flexible packaging industry according to incomplete statistics, the seven exhibition areas have formed a complete upstream and downstream production and high-pressure PE blown film, which is suitable for all kinds of fresh-keeping bag industry chains, realizing zero distance docking, negotiation and interaction between professional visitors and exhibitors, and providing end customers with the latest hot materials, intelligent equipment, the latest technologies and solutions! Through product exhibitions, forums and seminars, provide a full range of rubber and plastic and plastic flexible packaging solutions, and bring the world's leading rubber and plastic and flexible packaging equipment, new materials, new technologies and digital intelligent manufacturing solutions to the audience. It aims to create a high-level, high-specification and highly professional rubber and plastic feast for the industry

three new sports

rubber and plastic hegemony

five highlights learned in advance


2020 the only professional rubber and plastic industry chain exhibition in Southwest China

did not live up to expectations. As scheduled, China (Chengdu) rubber and plastic and packaging industry exhibition (hereinafter referred to as Chengdu rubber and plastic and packaging exhibition) has developed into a professional rubber and plastic exhibition platform in Southwest China after 13 years of development, and it is also a new technology It is an important exhibition and exchange platform for new products and processes, and it is also an indispensable gathering of plastic people in the Southwest Rubber and plastic industry every year. Develop railway equipment processing project in Long'an District in 2019. In combination with the suggestions of exhibitors and visitors, the organizing committee adjusted the exhibition time of 2020 from October to September in 2019. Affected by the sudden global COVID-19, the plastics industry and the exhibition industry have been greatly impacted in 2020. With the full support of various industry associations, exhibitors, audiences and many multimedia friends, the 2020 Chengdu rubber and plastic and packaging exhibition has lived up to its expectations and will be held as scheduled


seven theme exhibition areas form a complete upstream and downstream whole industry chain integration exhibition

wonderful should not be missed

1. Degradable plastics have become a new favorite in the rubber and plastic raw materials exhibition area

fully biodegradable materials, modified plastics, special engineering plastics, environmental protection and high-performance recycled plastics. Henan Longdu Tianren biomaterials Co., Ltd., a member of the National Technical Committee for the standardization of bio based materials and degradable products, will bring 100% fully degradable product plat copolymer resin. The fully biodegradable modified resin will be the first to show in Chengdu, Sichuan Tianxing, Chengdu shizhisu, Anhui Jumei and many other degradable plastic enterprises will gather and appear at the Chengdu rubber and plastic exhibition. Sichuan energy investment CHUANHUA New Material Technology Co., Ltd., which fills the gap of domestic polyarylethanonitrile new materials, will continue to make a wonderful appearance with domestic special polymer polyarylethanonitrile series new special engineering plastics and overall solutions. Suqian Liansheng Technology Co., Ltd., one of the largest photostabilizer manufacturers in China, will make its debut at the Chengdu rubber and plastic exhibition. The (Zhuzhou) Korean polymer GBS Inc will show MC nylon series, MC nylon series, peek series, POM series, PP series and PE Series on site. Representative exhibitors from Sichuan Bolan, Chengdu wante, Hebei jianniu, Qingyun Xinyang and many other industries gathered in the exhibition area of new materials and raw materials, leading the development of the industry

2. In the plastic machinery exhibition area, well-known enterprises gather together, and new products compete on the same platform

pay attention to the impact blade in the center of the support span

a large number of high-performance advanced equipment and rich processing technology make a shocking appearance to meet the intelligent, green, digital upgrading and reform of the industry. Injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, bottle blowing, mold, automation and many other well-known enterprises gathered in Chengdu rubber and plastic exhibition. Zhenxiong group, one of the largest injection molding machine manufacturers in the world, will make a grand debut again with jm468-mk6 series injection molding machine, which has inherited the excellent design tradition of Zhenxiong group for more than 50 years and is suitable for most plastic products. As a label with supreme speed, low grinding technology, environmental protection design, extreme speed injection molding, intelligent system, accurate hydraulic pressure, solid and stable, it will perfectly interpret the king style of the plastic machine. The upsurge of garbage classification has not subsided, and the new garbage can special injection molding machine will help! The bl1200/garbage can special injection molding machine, kh280-a central locking injection molding machine, which integrates the advantages of fast molding cycle, power saving, low investment and so on, was unveiled for the first time by Shuangma machinery. The leading brand of plastic extrusion machinery industry, Jinwei machinery, the top three of plastic hollow molding - Tongda machinery, and the leading brand of large hollow blow molding machine, Qingdao Yankang. Many well-known plastic machinery brand exhibitors, such as Zhejiang Liwei, Ningbo Qiming, Bronte, Zhongshan express, Huangyan Maiwei, Dongguan Yian, Zhejiang high school, Shijiazhuang Xirong, Nanjing Kelan, Jinhua, Oule, will also compete with a variety of new products

3. There are many famous brands in the plastic flexible packaging exhibition area, and solvent-free laminating machines compete for excellence.

nordmec, Tongze, xinshida, zhiyunyinjia and other well-known solvent-free laminating machine enterprises all appear! The world's famous professional solvent-free laminating machine nordmec brings solvent-free star products with leading global sales on-site display. Tongze and xinshida, which have participated in the exhibition for four consecutive years, also continue to display the latest products of the company this year. Shanzhang light industry, huiteli, zhoutai, Zhenxiong, Guohong, feijiang, kezhida, Weisheng, Zhongfeng, Pengda, Hongrun, Shengsu, zexinchen, Wancheng, tuanling, Baobao, Zhongxin, Ouli, Ouding, etc. will focus on the display of flexible packaging complete sets of equipment

4. A new plastic knitting zone was set up, and industry brand enterprises came one after another.

Qian Feng, Yongcheng, Kewang, Yanfeng and other professional manufacturers of woven bags, non-woven fabric industry automation equipment, participated in the Chengdu rubber and plastic Exhibition for the first time, and brought complete sets of plastic knitting equipment such as fully automatic intelligent cutting machines and woven bag hot cutting machines to plastic knitting enterprises in the western region


conform to the development of the times, online and offline interactive display and communication will never end

online cloud exhibition

since 2019, Chengdu rubber and plastic exhibition has launched an online exhibition platform, and held a series of online activities such as the first "online popular exhibitors" of Chengdu rubber and plastic exhibition in 2019, which has built a good online and offline display and communication platform for exhibitors and visitors. In 2020, the online exhibition was comprehensively upgraded, and a series of online exhibition activities such as the second "online popular exhibitors" and "new products" were held from June to July. Through a simple three-step online "show interview", the online exhibition of Chengdu rubber and plastic exhibition will build a large-scale, informative and convenient "online exhibition hall" for exhibitors and professional visitors, so that exhibitors can easily get customers and visitors can easily visit the exhibition


all media platform to build core resources and business contacts

Jufeng plastic media, plastic industry, plastic machinery, Zhongsu, Weisu communication, siduo, global plastics, plastic technology, packaging frontier, packaging enterprise, baisitong media and more than 100 professional media platforms share resources, bringing strong influence and appeal to core resources and contacts, learning, communication The effect of fellowship is remarkable


there are wonderful activities in the same period. You will gain from visiting and participating in the meeting.

at the right time, many exhibitors enjoy surprise and preferential activities; Industry hot spot exchange meetings, seminars, wonderful. At the same time, the exhibition was organized by Sichuan Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Sichuan Provincial Department of ecological environment, Sichuan Provincial Economic and information technology, national packaging product quality supervision and Inspection Center (Chengdu), Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Chengdu Urban Management Committee, Sichuan packaging and decoration printing industry association, Sichuan Chongqing flexible packaging Association The "second plastic innovation technology and application summit" jointly created by Chengdu renewable resources industry association will bring you the latest industry hot topics for exchange and discussion

grasp the trend and win the future

the 14th China (Chengdu) rubber and plastic and packaging industry exhibition 2020 sincerely invites all colleagues in the rubber and plastic industry to gather in Chengdu in the next three days

today is the last day of the exhibition. The originally empty exhibition hall is full and the equipment is in place. Now wait for our audience friends to come tomorrow


Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center

Southwest Rubber and plastic industry event has you more wonderful

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the 14th China (Chengdu) 2020 Rubber & plastics and packaging industry exhibition

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