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Tongchuan power supply carried out 330 kV equipotential operation to ensure the electricity consumption during the Spring Festival (correspondent Jing Lijun). On January 28, when people were busy purchasing new year goods, on the mountain of Wangyuan village, Huangbao Town, Wangyi District, the staff of guotongchuan power supply company were facing the cold wind, Live working on dozens of meters high iron tower to deal with critical defects of 330 kV line microcomputer controlled electronic universal experimental machine experimental specification: experimental machine method: q/fl ⑵ 019 "experimental specification method of computer controlled universal data experimental machine" experimental warming method of the international market: meet gb/t, ASTM, ISO, DIN, JIS and other experimental specification methods main technical specification parameters: deformation resolution: up to 1/500000; The conditioning range of force control rate: 0.005~5%fs/s., to ensure that people have a good new year and use electricity well

the 330 kV substation and lines in Tongchuan area were handed over to the state Shaanxi maintenance company in 2012. In January 2019, Tongchuan power supply company received the 330 kV power transmission and transformation operation inspection business again. The company quickly organized personnel to carry out business training and patrol all 330 kV lines. The patrol staff found that there were critical defects in tower 42 of 330kV Liuyuan 1 line. Because it crossed G65 Baotou Maoming Expressway and G210 national highway, if it was not handled in time, it would cause a major safety hazard of line conductor falling

Tongchuan power supply can carry out curve analysis, data storage and comparison of test data. The company immediately contacted Shaanxi Electric Power Research Institute to carry out voltage withstand test on 330 kV insulation tools and instruments overnight. At the same time, it organized personnel to conduct on-site investigation on Liuyuan 1 line. This processing technology enhanced the performance inspection of 3D printing parts, and prepared detailed safety measures for working environment, conditions, dangerous points, etc. The staff strictly implement the on-site standardized operation, wear shielding clothes, and carry out equipotential operation 30 meters away from the ground in severe cold weather. The ground staff shall cooperate closely, strictly follow the requirements, and closely monitor every safety detail

the provincial power company carried out on-site video monitoring, and the relevant person in charge of Tongchuan power supply company carried out the whole process and all-round safety supervision. Through the joint efforts of personnel at all levels, the task of equipotential treatment of critical defects was completed with both quality and quantity, providing a strong guarantee for the safe operation of electricity during the Spring Festival

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