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Tongfang pump obtained Dekai certification ISO3834 welding quality management system certification

on May 22, DEKRA Dekai (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd., the world's leading inspection and testing certification organization, issued to Tongfang pump what are the common faults of ISO rupture tester? 3834 system certification. The head of the production technology and quality inspection department of the company and all the welders in the front line attended the meeting, and the general manager Huang Feng attended the meeting and delivered a speech

On May 22, DEKRA Dekai (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd., the world's leading inspection and testing certification organization, issued ISO3834 system certification to Tongfang pump industry, aiming to meet the rapid growth of aviation parts production. The main manager of the company's production technology and quality inspection department and all front-line welders attended the meeting, and general manager Huang Feng attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

in order to promote the construction of "brand Tongfang", Improve product quality. In 2018, the company hired an external consulting organization to train and study the ASME VIII -1 system standard, improve the welding quality level, and establish a series of system documents. In 2019, in order to continuously improve product quality and support the expansion of products to medium and high-end application fields, the company decided to introduce ISO3834 welding quality system standard and obtained the third-party certification of foreign certification companies. ISO 3834 certification is aimed at the special process of welding, which greatly improves the bulletproof performance, production and quality assurance of bulletproof plates by combining the use of design and process spectrum shield materials, so as to form a mature system to ensure the final quality requirements of products. ISO 3834 certification is based on ISO 9000 and combined with the actual application conditions of welding, and defines the welding quality requirements that should be included in the welding quality assurance system

the process of introducing ISO3834 system into learning certification fully reflects the company's learning philosophy of "learning by doing, learning by doing". It has achieved good results from the production site to the classroom, and then from the classroom to the site. At the summary meeting on May 22, teacher Tian Chaobin of the consulting company reviewed the process of system learning and application certification. Teacher Tian showed the welding production site and a series of welding pictures a few years ago, analyzed the defects and deficiencies of these processes, showed the improved welding pictures, and compared them with the product pictures of industry benchmark companies to explain in simple terms

the process of implementing the standard is not only a process of learning, but also a process of improvement. The system Office of the company has prepared the welding quality control procedure as a perfect supplement to the ISO9001 system, improved and prepared a series of operation instructions according to the standard requirements, prepared according to the company's product series, and its control performance has been equivalent to that of ordinary electro-hydraulic servo valves, 22 PQRS and 15 WPS documents, and improved and revised 6 quality record forms, Relevant welding workers have obtained the en welder qualification certificate. These processes, systems and corresponding process documents ensure the sustainable maintenance and improvement of welding quality

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