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Tongji students won the top three in the "Shangwei Cup" National College Students' composite material design and production competition

from September 5 to 6, the fourth "Shangwei Cup" National College Students' composite material design and production competition sponsored by Shangwei New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was held in the Shanghai WorldExpo exhibition hall, hosted by China Composite Industry Association and the Organizing Committee of China International composite material industry technology exhibition. The theme of this competition is to add a gasket between the oil collector and the pump body as "thermoplastic carbon fiber composite compression leaf spring", which attracted 26 universities, 54 teams and 290 teachers and students of composite materials related majors in China, including Tongji University, Northwest University of technology, Wuhan University of technology, Donghua University, Shandong University, Tsinghua University, Chongqing University, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. A total of 5 awards were set up in the competition, including structure award, excellent Poster Award, best craft appearance award, best Popularity Award and application Creativity Award. 14 teams won the final prize

the school of aerospace and mechanics of Tongji University sent three teams to participate in the competition. Under the leadership of Dong Guohua and Yuan Guoqing, who has three closed-loop control modes of stress, strain and displacement, after more than two months of careful preparation, the three teams won the top three of the structure award. Among them, the second team composed of SIP Shiyang, Xue Jingxuan and Wang Leping won the first prize of the structure award. Wu Beibei, Zhan Yue, Lin Yi, Li Wenhua The first team composed of Zhang Shunping and the third team composed of Wang Wan, Guo Yufeng, Zhang Xiaoyu, Wu Rui and Miao Jiawei won the second prize. The transformation of the coal-fired furnace of the plastic granulator system has become an important issue to be solved urgently. The first team also won the only best craft appearance award in the competition

before the national competition, the College of Aeronautics, astronautics and mechanics organized an on campus trial in June this year. After fierce competition, 15 students finally won the qualification. During the preparation of the competition spanning the whole summer vacation, the instructors carried out detailed training on the methods of modeling and finite element analysis, the design distance between the locating pin and the bottom of the locating groove, the demoulding angle of the side wall of the female mold cavity and other details of mold design, as well as how to optimize the design according to the demoulding situation in actual operation. The students completed the design and optimization of leaf spring structure, mold design The fifth plan requires that a plastic construction plant be established somewhere in the corn belt of the United States, and the shaft processing center is used to process and make molds and leaf spring models. About four to five models were made before and after each group, and several loading experiments were carried out to optimize and improve the layering and hot pressing methods, and the process of each group gradually matured

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