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Tongfeng electronics joined hands with SKC to enter the pet industry

the construction of the polyester film production line (PET) for capacitors of Anhui Tongai Electronic Materials Co., Ltd., a joint venture between Tongfeng Electronics (600237) and SKC, a subsidiary of SK group, a fortune 500 enterprise in the world, has officially started

the polyester film production line for capacitors started this time is the first phase project of Tongai company, with a total investment of US $28.0293 million. It is expected to be completed and put into operation by the end of 2006

:+886 ⑶ ⑵ 654349 Fax: +886 ⑶ ⑵ 654388 Tongfeng electronics has built four polypropylene film production lines for capacitors, which is the largest producer of similar products in the world at present. The company cooperates with South Korea SKC company, the world's third largest polyester film manufacturer, and jointly invests US $24million to establish a new joint venture - Tongai Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. the company is located in Tongling Economic and Technological Development Zone, with a registered capital of US $12million, of which SKC invested US $3million in cash, accounting for 25% of the registered capital

Tongfeng electronics and SKC have joined hands to build a polyester film production line with an annual output of 2600 tons for 3-12 micron capacitors in the first phase, which is a renewable material with good thermal insulation and mechanical properties. The production line is jointly designed by experts from China and South Korea. It mainly adopts the production process and technology of SKC company. At the same time, it absorbs the successful experience of Tongfeng company's polypropylene film production line for capacitors, and adopts high-quality biaxial stretching equipment from major stretching film equipment suppliers in Germany, France, Japan, South Korea, and China to form a new production line by itself. At present, the preliminary work of the project has been completed

according to the relevant person in charge of Tongfeng electronics, polyester film products for capacitors are mainly used for DC film capacitors, which are supporting enterprises engaged in household appliances and electronic information Gold Medical: participating catheter products. This product has high added value and broad market prospects. At present, it mainly depends on imports, especially products below 5 microns. In 2018, the paper industry was affected by factors such as the continued tightening of environmental protection and the limited supply of raw materials, which is still a blank in China. After the project is launched, it will fill the domestic vacancy and become a new profit growth point of Tongfeng. At the same time, the scale of Tongfeng's electronic materials industry has jumped again, and the company's reputation and position in the Asian and even world markets of similar products will be further improved, which will also play a certain role in promoting the domestic capacitor film manufacturing field

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