Sany Heavy Industry focuses on building the first

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Sany Heavy Industry focuses on building the first brand of domestic LNG mixer truck

Sany Heavy Industry focuses on building the first brand of domestic LNG mixer truck

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Guide: with the application and promotion of natural gas energy in residents' lives so that you can use it without problems and in the field of public transport, in 2009, A brand-new concept has been proposed in the construction machinery industry. Natural gas (liquefied natural gas, hereinafter referred to as LNG) mixer truck. This idea seems bold, but in fact it is very consistent with the current severe energy shortage

with the application and promotion of natural gas energy in residents' lives and public transportation, a new concept was proposed in the construction machinery industry in 2009 - natural gas (liquefied natural gas, hereinafter referred to as LNG) mixer. This idea seems bold, but in fact it is a development path very consistent with the current severe situation of energy shortage: the depletion of oil resources, serious coal pollution, immature technology of electric heavy vehicles and other reasons have brought difficulties to the energy use of heavy vehicles in the future; The green, affordable, safe and reliable natural gas C is the first letter of China. If it can be popularized in the field of engineering machinery with arduous task of external wall insulation and energy conservation and huge market development potential, it will certainly bring a favorable situation of benefits to many parties. According to statistics, the remaining technically recoverable reserves of natural gas in China increased from 3.0 trillion cubic meters to 3.8 trillion cubic meters, an increase of 25.90%; Natural gas production increased from 58.6 billion cubic meters to 96.8 billion cubic meters, an increase of 65%. Therefore, once the concept of "LNG mixer" was put forward, many domestic enterprises have invested in the research and development of this product. However, due to capital, technology, gas source and other reasons, there has never been a representative product that can lead this energy revolution in the industry, and the large-scale promotion of natural gas mixer has also become a gorgeous but untouchable dream

Sany Heavy Industry strives to build the first brand of LNG mixer truck in China

the successful trial production cost is 30% less than that of diesel truck.

in 2011, Sany Heavy Industry, which has been at the forefront of innovation and leading China's construction machinery, began to enter the field of natural gas mixer truck. Through a large number of customer visits, market research and resource investigation, Sany determined that LNG mixer truck is definitely the development direction of the future market, Customers are also in urgent need of such an efficient and energy-saving product, and the national environmental protection policy has also played a positive role in guiding the development trend of the market

based on Sany's strong strength in the field of mixer for many years, through the joint efforts of all employees of Sany Lake automobile company, Sany natural gas mixer prototype was completed within one year. In order to test its various performances in an all-round and multi-level way, the R & D personnel sent these LNG mixers to the customer's construction site for real vehicle operation comparison, and recorded the volume, mileage, fuel consumption/gas consumption, fault information, etc. of the sample vehicle and the diesel mixer every day. After six months of tracking and comparison, the testers obtained first-hand information from the market and customers: Sany LNG mixer saves% fuel cost per kilometer compared with the same diesel mixer, and% compared with the same model of other brands

the successful development of Sany LNG mixer truck and a major breakthrough in the field of energy saving have increased everyone's confidence in this product. However, Sany Heavy Industry, which has always adhered to the principle of "quality changes the world", is not satisfied with this. Sany is not in a hurry to bring this new product to the market, but uses it again. Please re tension the tension wheel; We have been improving our products for a whole year. "We are not launching this product for the sake of speculation. In that case, Sany will be no different from other enterprises producing LNG mixer trucks. We should build this product into the first brand in China and become the most stable, efficient and safe new energy-saving product in the same industry. At the same time, we should provide customers with a full range of solutions to achieve more saving, more profitable and more environmental protection, so that customers can purchase and use it without worry, so as to start construction Cheng machinery industry continues to develop into the field of clean energy. " Zhou Wanchun, vice president of Sany Heavy Industry and general manager of pumping marketing company, showed Sany's determination to promote energy conservation and environmental protection

elaborately build the best domestic product

at the beginning of 2014, Sany LNG mixer was grandly launched, which has unparalleled technical advantages compared with other domestic brands. The equipment adopts the most mature LNG engine in China. The engine has strong reliability after rigorous experimental verification and is suitable for various harsh working conditions such as high temperature, low temperature and high altitude. "In addition to the top brand engine, the cylinder of Sany LNG mixer truck is a famous American brand. Its vacuum insulation performance ranks first in China, which minimizes the volatilization of gas and greatly reduces the loss and waste of natural gas." Zhenglibo, R & D Engineer of Sany Huqi Research Institute, told me. LNG mixer truck cylinder is a device that stores natural gas in liquid form to provide fuel for vehicle driving and operation power. As Sany LNG mixer truck is equipped with the largest cylinder volume among domestic mixer trucks with the same volume, it has more stored gas and long endurance. "Adding gas once can run 400 kilometers. Other enterprises can only add gas twice to reach the mileage. Adding gas once for Sany LNG mixer is enough." Zheng Libo said

in terms of vehicle safety, Dafang Sany LNG mixer adopts a split front and rear platform without subframe structure, which realizes the double reduction of center of gravity and weight, and greatly improves the stability of vehicle driving and operation; The vehicle uses the automatic linkage technology of engine service braking and exhaust braking to effectively shorten the braking distance, reduce the wear of brake shoes and improve the service life of brakes

at the same time, Sany LNG mixer has also adopted a number of patented technologies, forming a unique competitiveness in many aspects, such as the service life of the mixing drum, the feeding and discharging speed, and the residual rate

the combination of strong and strong companies provides customers with a full set of solutions

"good products alone are not enough to lead the future development direction of this industry. Only by building a complete industrial chain can we promote the continuous development of new energy in the field of construction machinery." Zhou Wanchun told, "customers now highly recognize the quality of Sany LNG mixer truck, but they are more concerned about whether the gas supply of the vehicle can be guaranteed. In order to eliminate customers' doubts, Sany has started to provide them with a full range of solutions."

it is reported that Sany group established Sany Shengneng Equipment Co., Ltd. in 2013, specializing in the transportation and station construction of new energy related supporting equipment. Zhang Jiexiang, executive director and general manager of Sany Shengneng, introduced the operation plan of "tripartite cooperation": "For customers who have purchased a certain number of Sany LNG mixers, Sany will establish skid mounted stations near their companies or construction sites. We have reached an agreement with CNOOC, China gas, Xing'ao gas and other large national gas supply units to provide gas sources. Sany is responsible for the transportation and construction of natural gas stations, and provides customers with a complete set of solutions consisting of gas sources, gas stations, and LNG mixers, so that customers can no longer look back Worry. "

at present, the sales performance of Sany LNG mixer truck is satisfactory. Customers are satisfied with the products after use, and highly recognize Sany's new operation mode in the field of natural gas mixer truck. With the advent of the natural gas era, its application in large-scale engineering machinery will also be more and more extensive. New energy products represented by SANY LNG mixer are facing broad development prospects. It is believed that this energy reform will bring huge social effects to enterprises, customers and environmental protection

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