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Sany construction will be put into production in the foundation year of the first PC factory in Malaysia

Sany construction will be put into production in the foundation year of the first PC factory in Malaysia

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on March 21, the foundation of Sany construction's first prefabrication factory in Malaysia was officially laid in tenggarou state. Xu Xiangping, director of the Department of Commerce of Hunan Province, and Huang Fang, deputy mayor of Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province, who are on a business visit to Malaysia, specially went to tengjialou state to meet with dongguputra, chairman and deputy governor of the local Ministry of industry and trade, alpha go of infrastructure, municipal administration and new energy, and rose Li, chairman of the Ministry of green science and technology Wan Ahmed, chairman of the State Investment Corporation, and others jointly witnessed this important moment

Sany construction will be put into operation in the first PC factory in Malaysia in the foundation year.

tengjialou prefabricated parts factory is Sany construction's first factory in Malaysia. Sany construction and the Malaysian government reached an agreement on the investment and construction of the plant in August 2016. The factory is equipped with advanced production equipment, and the annual output of concrete will reach 50000 m3, which can effectively improve the local construction quality and reduce the construction cost. According to Wang Zhenyi, general manager of Sany Construction Group Malaysia, the factory mainly serves the pr1ma government affordable housing project. At present, the two sides have signed a phase I housing construction project of more than 800 units, and there will be a cooperation plan of 10000 units in the future. The implementation of the plant marks a solid step in the internationalization process of Sany construction

foundation laying ceremony

at the site of the foundation laying ceremony, Li Jingjing, vice president of Sany group, said that Sany would actively build more and more affordable houses for dengjialou Prefecture relying on the factory. Sany is also willing to train local technical talents, improve local employment rate and make its own contribution to the economic development and industrial modernization of dengjialou Prefecture through technology transfer, talent training and other means

dongguputra, chairman and deputy governor of the Ministry of industry and trade of dengjialou state, warmly welcomed the local investment and development of Sany, which can also be used as a medical high-molecular material to manufacture human bones, and the existing medical change experiments can only record semi quantitative indicators such as the number of torsion turns, and said that it will vigorously support the project. He also said that in addition to housing construction projects, the two sides have broader space for cooperation

event site

Sany construction took the arithmetic mean value of 10 samples tested during the foundation year of the first PC factory in Malaysia and will be put into production

for the local development of Sany, Xu Xiangping, director of Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce, is full of expectations. He said that the PC project of Sany in Malaysia is an important model for enterprises to go global and speed up the docking of the "the Belt and Road", and has made positive contributions to the economic and trade exchanges between Hunan and Malaysia. The project is in line with the "one Malaysian housing development plan" of the local government and has significant economic and social benefits

tenggarou state is located on the east coast of the Malay Peninsula, bordering the South China Sea to the East. It has a coastline of 230 kilometers and is part of the East Coast Economic Zone of Malaysia. Benefiting from the promotion of various policies, the economic growth of the state has accelerated in recent years, and various infrastructure construction have been launched, especially in the fields of railway, ocean, oil, gas industry and so on

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