San Francisco may legislate to control the use of

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San Francisco may legislate to control the use of plastic water bottles

in order to practice the goal of "focusing on health and eco-friendly", San Francisco will launch new measures for plastic water bottles after the implementation of "happy meal" toys and the prohibition of plastic food bags

On July 5, Shauna Barbera used a bottled water dispenser at the California Institute of technology in San Francisco. According to the associated press, municipal officials in the city are considering legislation to require new and renovated buildings with drinking water equipment to install special hose heads for bottle filling, so as to encourage drinkers to reuse water bottles instead of opening new bottled water

David Chiu, chairman of the supervisory board of San Francisco, introduced the new regulation in June: "this step will help to change the bad habit of San Francisco people using plastic water bottles that waste environmental resources and form a good habit of using national or industrial standard compound water containers that are heavy and have no general basic raw materials."

the special faucet for bottle filling has been developed to reduce the emission of aluminum and lead compounds in waste water and exhaust gas by 2 tons/year. Now it is in San Francisco International Airport, some urban parks and campuses. They are installed on the conventional faucet of the water dispenser to provide cold water in the form of fast flow vertical spray, and the spray height can meet the requirements of most drinking water containers. If the regulations are passed, the equipment will be promoted

supporters said that the special tap water sleeve for bottle filling can support the reuse of water bottles, which can not only shorten the waiting time when filling bottles, but also do not worry about bacteria. Although municipal officials said that the water dispenser would not be dirtier than the mouth of the bottle, some people were still uneasy about using the water dispenser with multiple contacts

opponents question the necessity of the regulation, because the high-quality public water from this faucet is the same as that from any other faucet and water dispenser. Enterprises often complain that echopan, the sales manager of San Francisco solvate polymer China, said that lawmakers are implementing prohibitions or restrictions too quickly, affecting their profits

Ken, representative of the San Francisco Association of building owners and managers? Ken Cleveland said, "this is just another new regulation. There are hundreds of regulations in San Francisco that are being implemented in a sustainable way, not mandatory." Although initially skeptical of the regulation, the association still has to wait for more details to determine its position

the manufacturer said that adding a dedicated tap for bottled water to the existing water dispenser would cost at least $750 (about 6.35 yuan per dollar). For the administrators of Pennsylvania State University, this cost is worth it. After three years of experiments, the university has installed this kind of faucet in all campuses to supervise the use of plastic bottles in the school? Lydia vandenbergh said that students are more likely to accept special faucets for bottle filling than faucets for drinking fountains, which are considered dirty. "In an era of more stringent health requirements, this is an obstacle for many people." Vandenberg said. University administrators estimated that 35000 plastic bottles were saved every month when the special faucet was used most fully

David Qiu's regulation believes that plastic water bottles are "harmful to the environment", occupy unnecessary landfill space and cause greenhouse gas emissions when cheap tap water is available. The Municipal Department of San Francisco has been banned from buying plastic water bottles since 2007

Qiu said that he considered other positive measures to curb the use of plastic bottles, and did not rule out charges and a complete ban. He said that the proposed regulations are not very strict, mainly to raise people's awareness of using tap water instead of bottled water

environmental groups support San Francisco's efforts to reduce the use of plastic water bottles. "The quality of drinking water in San Francisco has ranked among the top in the United States. It is ridiculous for people to spend their very limited dollars to buy bottled water to drink," said may, a lawyer at the natural resources protection commission? Maewu said

Chris, spokesman of the international bottled water association? Chris Hogan said that the bottled water industry has "contributed" a small part to global energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. He welcomed efforts to encourage drinking tap water, but said from a policy perspective that bottled water did not need to be demonized. "If your view is to stop people from drinking bottled water and choose bottled drinks, you will abandon the healthiest choice." Hogan said

Qiu proposed the regulation at the supervisory meeting on June 26. It is expected that it will be submitted to the land use and Economic Development Committee of the board of supervisors in September. If it is approved, it will be submitted to all members of the board of supervisors

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