Sanming, the hottest city, fills the gap in China

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Sanming City fills the domestic gap and establishes the technology of sodium silicate recycled sand

invested 10million yuan by Sanming Lianxing renewable resources development company, and the self-developed sodium silicate recycled nylon technology has said that it will enter the field of high molecular materials with the help of this acquisition, which will increase the comprehensive utilization rate of waste sand to 98%. The technology has 6 national patents, filling the domestic gap

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sodium silicate

at present, the company and the Haixi branch of the General Academy of mechanical sciences have jointly established Zhongji casting materials Co., Ltd., with an annual output of 150000 tons of recycled sand and an output value of 40million yuan, providing supporting services for Fujian Sangang Mingguang mechanical casting, Sanming Xinjian special mechanical casting, Sanming triple casting and forging and other enterprises

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