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Industry king! Sany concrete pump truck won the "single champion of manufacturing industry"

industry king! Sany concrete pump to avoid loosening; Car won the "single champion of manufacturing industry"

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recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China released the list of the fifth batch of single champion enterprises (products) in the manufacturing industry, and Sany concrete pump truck was honored, highlighting Sany's absolute strength in the field of concrete machinery manufacturing

win the championship! Sany concrete pump truck

what is the "single champion" of manufacturing industry? It refers to an enterprise that has long focused on some market segments of the manufacturing industry, with internationally leading production technology or process, and the market share of single products ranking in the forefront of the world. Enterprises that can win the "single champion" must have a "champion" market position and technical strength in the relevant segments

Sany was able to win this honor because of its "intensive cultivation" and continuous innovation in the field of concrete machinery manufacturing for many years

In 1998, Sany Heavy industry developed China's first 37 meter pump truck with independent intellectual property rights, ending the history of relying on imports for long boom pump trucks; From 2007 to 2011, Sany 66m, 72m and 86m pump trucks broke the Guinness world record of "longest boom" for three consecutive times, and are still the holder of the record of the longest steel boom pump truck; In 2012, Sany acquired Putzmeister, the world's No. 1 concrete brand, and sany pump truck was upgraded from No. 1 in China to No. 1 in the world

at present, Sany pump truck is popular in the market with high efficiency, high reliability and high intelligence. Its production and sales volume has ranked first in the world for 11 consecutive years, and it is well deserved as the "world pump king"

adhere to independent innovation

lead the industry to develop high-quality lifting devices: the lifting exhibition of computer-controlled electromagnets and drop hammers

innovation is the foundation of enterprise development. In terms of product research and development, Sany broke through a number of key core technologies, and the difficulties of high-strength steel plate, hydraulic parts, oil cylinder, reducer, electronic components, engine, chassis and other difficulties were overcome. The key and important parts of Sany pump truck were 100% self-made. At present, Sany pump truck special chassis has successfully broken the monopoly of imported chassis, and the sales ratio has quickly exceeded 60%. The integrated production mode has made Sany become the only Chinese enterprise in China with a full industrial chain of pump trucks, completely breaking through the monopoly of international brands

Sany self-developed core components

in terms of manufacturing the computer tensile testing machine produced by Jinan Shijin in line with the testing machine manufacturing standard gb/t16491 ⑴ 996 "electronic universal testing machine standard", Sany lighthouse factory is known as "Asia's largest intelligent manufacturing workshop". A pump truck is offline in 45 minutes on the assembly line, the production cycle is reduced by 40%, and the production capacity is increased by 50%, Intelligent manufacturing is the embodiment of science and technology to ensure the strong quality and strength of Sany pump truck

at the same time, Sany Heavy Industry attaches great importance to the investment in R & D and talent construction. It invests 5% to 8% of its revenue in R & D every year, and actively introduces supporting enterprises upstream and downstream of the industrial chain in Germany, and sets up R & D centers in overseas bases such as China and the United States. In terms of concrete machinery patents, it has more than 1600 valid patents, among which technologies such as pump truck super long boom won the second prize of national technical invention, and three invention patents such as boom vibration suppression and energy-saving control of conveying pump won the gold medal of patents, leading the industry in the gold content of patents

according to Mr. Chen Tianming, President of Sany pumping Research Institute, Sany is developing an unmanned digital pumping construction system. Through intelligent driving, intelligent boom distribution and intelligent pumping technology, Sany is committed to the collaborative operation from single machine unmanned to mixing plant, mixing truck and pump. On the road of development, Sany adheres to innovation driven and leads the industry trend

at present, made in China plays a key role in the world. As the world's largest construction machinery manufacturer, Sany will continue to cultivate concrete equipment manufacturing, promote the high-quality development of the industry, and contribute a world-class brand to China

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