Sany group has deeply explored B2B e-commerce busi

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In the post "double 11" era, Sany group dug into B2B e-commerce business

in the post "double 11" era, Sany group dug into B2B e-commerce business

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the noisy "double 11" has passed for some time, and November is undoubtedly a busy and fulfilling month for Sany group

first, the related company Rawls reached a comprehensive settlement with the U.S. government on the legal dispute over the acquisition of four U.S. wind power projects. This marks the end of the Sany group v. U.S. President Barack Obama case, which has been widely concerned by public opinion. At the same time, the settlement agreement also clearly points out that the U.S. Foreign Investment Commission has determined that the acquisition transactions of other wind power projects conducted by Rawls in the United States do not involve national security issues

in the post "double 11" era, Sany group has deeply explored B2B e-commerce business

followed by SANY group's first participation in the "double 11" shopping carnival. In this "buy buy buy" rhythm, Sany, with four new key products, launched the "double 11 Sany machinery Carnival month, preferential models arbitrary purchase" activity, giving back new and old customers with more than 10 million discounts

it is worth mentioning that the models launched this time are all high-quality products with global leading technology, which save customers money and worry and effort at the same time. For example, the operating efficiency of the "king of efficiency" loader syl956h purchased by Mr. Yang Xiangtai in Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province, is 12% higher than that of the same product, and the comprehensive consumption is reduced by more than 15%. It has a panoramic oversized cab and multi-dimensional cooling and heating, so that the operator can be as comfortable as at home

Sany "touch" starts from e-commerce

at present, The field of equipment manufacturing is facing a huge economic downturn "We have played the role of catalyst pressure. Looking back on the development process of the whole industry, today's everything is undergoing profound changes. Consumers' purchasing behavior is also changing rapidly, for example, B2B customers significantly expand the proportion of online purchases; consumers prefer personalized products and services. In the future, whoever can keep up with the changes in major parameters will have unlimited prospects for the market. Therefore, Sany Group believes that embracing the Internet is It is an important opportunity for differentiated competition

according to Forrester consulting, a global market research and consulting organization, China and even the world have entered a 20-year customer-centric era since 2010. In the e-commerce market, China has surpassed the United States for the first time in 2013 to become the world's largest e-commerce market

under such a broad market prospect, the B2B market will show four major trends:

first, B2B customers will significantly expand the proportion of buyers with good prospects in the purchase market. 17% of enterprises believe that they will purchase 25% or more products or services on

second, the views of B2B businesses in the industry on e-commerce will become increasingly important. It is not only the consumer industry that pays attention to e-commerce, but also the traditional industries such as engineering machinery manufacturing, chemical industry, life science, automobile, petroleum and petrochemical, mining industry pay more and more attention to e-commerce

third, payment continues to promote the vigorous development of B2B. There are not only purchase orders, but also many different payment methods, including UnionPay and third-party payment, such as payment newspaper and fortune connect, to help our enterprises, help our B2B merchants, and provide customers with very personalized payment services. All countries are accelerating the use of the Internet to transform and upgrade traditional industries and cultivate and develop emerging industries. Fourth, e-commerce platforms have become the key pillars of B2B businesses. In the past, e-commerce platform was only an independent part of the enterprise, but it will change significantly in the future. E-commerce platform will become the pillar platform within the enterprise

at the same time, the emergence of cross-border e-commerce has also made many traditional manufacturing enterprises see the dawn of globalization. Under the guidance of the national strategy of the "the Belt and Road", cross-border e-commerce enterprises are becoming an important part of the construction of the silk road. On the one hand, there is the global blue ocean market, and on the other hand, there are traditional manufacturing enterprises that urgently need to sell their products to the world. How to effectively connect these two lines depends on the efforts of enterprises themselves. But it is certain that the global e-commerce strategy will become an important profit growth point for enterprises

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