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Debris flow in western India: Sany excavator participated in the rescue

debris flow in western India: Sany excavator participated in the rescue

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on July 30, Malin village, Pune District, Maharashtra, western India, was hit by debris flow. Sany india company responded quickly and dispatched 3 excavators and 7 operators to participate in the rescue

after the disaster, Sany deployed a sy240 excavator to participate in the rescue from the nearest 70 kilometers away from the accident site. As the local rainfall continued and the roads were seriously damaged, Sany rescue workers arrived at the village in the rain overnight after an 8-hour hard journey

Deepak, CEO of Sany India, arrived at the disaster site in Malin village on August 3 to understand the disaster situation, communicated with the person in charge of the disaster relief work of the Indian national disaster response force, and immediately deployed two sy210 excavators to participate in the on-site rescue on the same day at his request

deformation measurement range: 0 ⑴ 0mm; After eight days of intense rescue, the Sany rescue team finally found 60 bodies and rescued more than 10 livestock. The Indian government rescuers at the scene said: "the excavation of Sany is verified as 6-point excavator, which is very efficient. Without the help of three excavators, the rescue work will progress slowly." Shivaharimagau, an Indian Sany employee who has participated in the rescue since the day of the disaster, told that in addition to Sany's excavator, there are three other brands of excavation equipment working at the same time. During the eight day rescue work, only Sany excavator kept working without interruption, providing a strong guarantee for the continuous development of the rescue work

as of August 7, the eight day intensive rescue work has basically ended, and the fatigue characteristics of materials and components have attracted people's attention. Talking about the follow-up rescue work arrangement, shivaharimagau said that excavators with three elongation rates of large and small will continue to operate, opening up roads connecting Malin village with another nearby village to ensure the safe transfer of surviving villagers and livestock in Malin village

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