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Win ship observation: how will the large format digital printing market change? (2)

I hope we can see more such services, because with the maturity of some market areas, enterprises also hope to grow their business through new applications

another thing that may happen is the fracture of the capital chain. Recently, I heard many dealers complain that under the current business environment, they have no money to develop products and meet customer needs. Some market areas are now very mature, which makes the development of new products a very expensive thing. Even the largest company in the market may not have enough funds to support the development of various products

the large-scale digital imaging market has achieved great development, so we have reason to believe that in the next few years, more dealers and products will flock to this market. Of course, this also indicates that some market areas will stop developing. In other words, the next big event in the large-scale digital field is the previous big event, which will no longer attract people's attention


one of the most interesting technologies I saw in drupa is a remote monitoring system exhibited by GBC company. This system is composed of several small cameras and a user interface. Its image compression/decompression technology allows the operators of the post press system to see all parts of the high-speed laminating equipment, so as to achieve the purpose of monitoring the status of the equipment. Users can slow down the system or stop it in a certain area of the image in order to find the real cause of the problem. In addition, the system can also be linked, so that operators can click and log in to the customer service system to apply for technical support; Then the customer service personnel will log into the system and see the same screen as the operator

this is just one of the various advanced technical support systems I have seen in the printing market. Some companies have also launched technical support videos and technical service knowledge databases. I think there is still a lot of room for the development of advanced and technical support videos. This service mode can not only shorten the downtime of printing enterprises, but also effectively improve the service level of equipment manufacturers

integrated event management system

people often joke that consultants like to use abbreviations, but I don't have this hobby. I just pay more attention to printing related technologies, of which the most striking is the ICM (integrated event management) tool

in many cases, commercial printers rely on ICM to ensure the consistency of e-mail marketing activities, postcards and station colors and contents, but this system has not been widely used in the field of large format promotional printing. Commercial printing houses can expand their marketing activities to the field of large format printing through color management tools and simple templates, and create a powerful and simplified marketing information


I believe that with the promotion of the sustainable green printing cooperation plan, the large-scale digital printing market will also embark on the road of adopting and complying with environmental standards. Sustainable green printing can not only reshape the image of large format printing, but also make other printing processes reach a higher level of environmental protection. In the next five years, we will see more environmental standards applicable to different fields (commercial printing and packaging, label printing, large format, etc.). These standards will become an electronic universal experimental machine that printing enterprises must have when cooperating with enterprises, government departments and educational institutions. It is a condition for a precise experimental instrument

imagine the future

a colleague of mine once said to me: look how fast the world is changing now! I really want to live to 2050. Can you imagine what the world will be like? No one can predict the future, and I dare not say next. 3. Lubricating oil: what will happen if you regularly fill the transmission parts (such as screws) of the machine every month (just choose ordinary lubricating oil), but it is certain that in the next three to five years, dealers will launch more technologies, processes and solutions to solve the problems currently faced by printing service suppliers

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