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Twist wrap fil (but storage has a certain danger: the site storing recyclable materials has produced hundreds of fires Zaim) test indicators, implementation methods and test equipment statistics

at present, there is no national standard support for the test method of kink film. At present, the industry mainly refers to the standard of qb/t stretched polyethylene and polypropylene film to carry out the corresponding inspection and testing work, The key items of the elastic strips pinched on both sides mainly include: thickness, tensile strength, friction coefficient, heat sealing strength, elastic modulus, haze, gloss, surface resistivity and other indicators. In order to facilitate relevant kink film manufacturers to have a more comprehensive understanding of the key detection indicators, implementation methods and available detection equipment of quality control, Labthink blue light specially makes kink film detection indicators, implementation methods and detection equipment reference tables for reference according to different materials or processes of kink films

commonly used materials for kink films are PVC, PP, pet, PS, etc. The standard of biaxially stretched polystyrene kink film has been formulated by domestic enterprises and is expected to be completed this year. The aluminizing performance of twisted films is the key to the practical use of materials. After aluminizing, its gas transmittance and water vapor transmittance need special attention. 1、 Qb/t non stretched polyethylene and polypropylene film inspection and cultivation of a batch of new materials theme characteristics, small town measurement indicators, implementation methods and available equipment reference table

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