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Printing equipment: offset printing machines are still dominant, CTP has sprung up

the medium-range printing equipment required by China's printing industry can be self-sufficient, but high-end prepress, printing and post press equipment, such as sheet fed multi-color offset printing machines, web offset rotary machines, and commercial color rotary printing machines with a price of up to $3-4 million, still need to be imported in large quantities every year

printing is limited by the structural design of parts and other advantages. Equipment: offset printing machine is still dominant. CTP has sprung up.

the printing machinery manufacturing industry undertakes the task of providing equipment for book publishing, publishing, packaging and decoration, commercial printing, office printing, financial tickets and other professional departments. Printing equipment is mainly led by offset printing machines, flexo printing machines, gravure printing machines, pad printing machines, etc., so as to drive the common development of prepress equipment and post press processing equipment

in terms of the attention of the printing market to equipment in the first quarter, it is not difficult to find that offset printing machines accounted for the vast majority of market demand. However, some users also began to realize that traditional printing equipment is no longer the only choice, and the demand proportion of digital printing equipment is also increasing

offset press: offset press is the most widely used printing method today, and the demand proportion of offset press accounts for 65%. Compared with 2010, the market share of sheet fed offset press has decreased year by year

multicolor machine is the development direction of sheet fed offset printing machine, and the current market share is about 10%. The market of full sheet multicolor offset printing machine has been monopolized by foreign products, and only Rugao printing machine company has been engaged in the production of full sheet printing machine in China

ctp: at the end of 2001, China's newspaper printing plants had installed 20 CTPs, plus 41 sets for commercial use, and the market ownership of CTPs in China reached 61 sets (excluding the ownership of Hong Kong, Macao Special Administrative Regions and Taiwan Province). As can be seen from the figure, the proportion of CTP market demand is also not light. In recent years, CTP application has developed rapidly with its advantages of fast, efficient and energy-saving, and has attracted more and more attention and favor. The market demand has been growing since 1998, especially in the past three years, with an amazing speed. The provisions on energy conservation and emission reduction proposed in the 12th Five Year Plan have also laid a policy foundation for the development of CTP. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, CTP demand will rise to a higher level

in contrast, the market demand for flexo printing machines, gravure printing machines and pad printing machines shown is relatively small, but each printing machine occupies a certain market share

at present, the mainland of China has more than 200 lines of foreign narrow width and wide width flexographic printing machines, and about 100 lines of domestic machines. Imported flexo printing machines of medium grade and above occupy more than 90% of the domestic market

according to statistics, the mainland of China has introduced more than 420 gravure production lines from Japan, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France, South Korea, Australia and Taiwan Province of China, and twoorthree domestic gravure printing machines have also been put into use. Most of the gravure printing machines introduced in China have six colors. Gravure printing machines are concentrated in Yunnan, Shanghai, Guangdong, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other places. There are more than 40 paper gravure printing machines used for cigarette box printing in Yunnan Province alone

prepress equipment: the demand for all kinds of equipment is stable, and the paper cutter has business opportunities in the future market.

in China, the current prepress equipment is basically still the traditional analog process equipment, such as cameras, color separators, scanners, high-precision automatic laser imagesetters, color printers, etc. The proportion of prepress equipment in market demand since the first quarter of 2011 is shown. As can be seen from the figure, the gap in the demand proportion of various prepress equipment is not large, and the paper cutter is slightly ahead

paper cutter is used for sheet cutting and processing in paper mills, sheet cutting before printing in printing enterprises, shaping and processing of post printing products, and cutting of paper honeycomb core in packaging products. In recent years, with the wide application of digital technology, the importance of prepress cutting and post press processing has become increasingly prominent, which has led to the rapid development of the paper cutter industry. The application scope of the paper cutter continues to expand, and it is also widely used in the cutting of non paper materials such as trademarks, self-adhesive patches, cards, and even PS plates, leather, hard plastic, etc

due to the rapid development of China's printing industry, the social demand for paper cutters is increasing. Every year, the import and export of printing machinery to developed countries are mainly in the middle and low end, and the export volume remains high. The import volume of paper cutter is also in an increasing trend. China's paper cutter manufacturers have huge room for development. From this point of view, there are huge business opportunities in the paper cutter Market in the future

with the continuous progress of technology, the production demand of the printing industry and the increasingly fierce competition in the paper cutter Market, the paper cutter will develop in the direction of large format and higher intelligence in the future. Due to the increase of labor cost, the printing factory's demand for the automation level of cutting equipment is also increasing. The development of peripheral equipment of paper cutter will also be the direction of efforts of paper cutter manufacturers

post press equipment: the development of prepress and printing is becoming more and more mature, and the post press process takes the initiative in the market

from which we can see that the market demand of the four post press equipment other than the binding machine is almost equal, while the binding machine is unique, and the demand far exceeds that of other products. It can be seen that the current demand market situation of the binding machine is very good

at present, China's post press processing focuses on bookbinding technology in book printing, and in packaging and printing, it is obviously the last and key link in the formation of the final form and use performance of printed matter. However, for a long time, due to lack of understanding, industry insiders have focused more on prepress and printing, and then they will give a little consideration to Postpress, which has led to problems such as backward technology, equipment defects and obsolete materials for a long time before and after printing, which also foreshadows the large market demand for Postpress equipment

in recent years, with the development of prepress and printing becoming more and more mature, and with consumers' pursuit of high quality and short cycle of terminal products, the gap after printing has given enterprises room to significantly increase in meeting the market demand of Jinan's experimental mechanism for history making for several decades

take the color box processing enterprises for example, many enterprises' equipment are imported Heidelberg and gaobao printing machines, and the printing quality is not much different. To win in the final printed matter, Chen Yunming, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Kangcheng new materials Co., Ltd., can only pay more attention to the post-processing that was ignored in the past. Different post press processes can produce different products. Who is in the front in the post press, Who can take the initiative in the market

in 2000, there were 837 paperback wireless binding machines, 89 hardcover machines and 1387 horse riding machines in China. According to the statistics in 2001, 1160 book printing enterprises in China have a total of 966 paperback wireless binding machines, 100 hardcover machines, 1416 horse riding machines and 1319 sewing machines. Since then, the annual ownership has increased by nearly 10%

through the above analysis and the demand for equipment in the printing market in recent years, we find that: first, traditional equipment is no longer the only choice for printing enterprises. Under certain conditions, digital printing equipment is also trusted by many printing enterprises. At present, there are still some obstacles in the development of digital printing equipment. It is mainly because people have several misunderstandings about digital printing equipment: some enterprises believe that the process of replacing traditional printing equipment with digital printing equipment is complex and difficult, and whether the accuracy of digital printing equipment can be guaranteed, and whether the equipment price is cost-effective for enterprises. 2、 Many users of printing equipment have stopped blindly pursuing output and began to focus more on the packaging of printing products in the later stage. Especially in recent years, the level of printing technology has been rapidly improved. When the quality of printing products is indistinguishable, the requirements of post printing process are very high

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