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Observation on the phenomenon of "Involution" in the coating industry: "corner poaching" and waste of talent mobility

observation on the phenomenon of "Involution" in the coating industry: "corner poaching" and waste of talent mobility

November 25, 2020

"how to avoid the coating industry falling into" Involution "

first, let's understand the concept of so-called" Involution "

in Zhihu, someone explained that the so-called involution refers to the phenomenon that after a certain development stage of a society (cultural model) reaches a certain form, this form stagnates and is difficult to transform into another high-level model, so as to lock itself in a low level state and cycle again

however, involution is a very complex and abstract concept. At present, there is no paint in its accurate definition. Some people simply concluded that involution is quantitative change that cannot achieve qualitative change, which can also be said to be growth without innovation; Its characteristics include but are not limited to these words - Meaningless internal friction, eating old money, squeezing each other, harming others and not benefiting oneself, greatly increasing costs but unable to obtain corresponding value...

starting from the concept of involution, looking at our coating industry, in fact, you will find that the phenomenon of involution is serious. From the past, we often say that price war, vicious competition, channel competition, etc. are all manifestations of involution; Even to the transformation and upgrading in recent years, in fact, after the industry market has developed to a mature stage, it is an effort to get rid of the dilemma under the involution effect

after understanding the concept of "Involution", today's talent mobility dilemma is not a new topic. However, we found that after the concept of "Involution" fixes wedge-shaped parts to connectors, this topic may have a better explanation and remind the whole industry to be vigilant

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since the beginning of the COVID-19, the overall recruitment of the coating industry has been slightly bleak. However, the war of grabbing people in various paint enterprises is in full swing, especially the "exodus" of big brand executives. Recently, there are numerous news in the industry, such as "the resignation of the president of a foreign brand in China", "the transfer of the chief technical engineer" and "the job hopping of the deputy general manager"

according to incomplete statistics of the paint classic, more than 30 executives in the paint industry have left this year, including Chongqing Three Gorges a, Feilu Co., Ltd., Aishi, Linghu Co., Ltd., Baota Shanqi, PPG, Metso, DuPont, AkzoNobel, jinlitai, Jitai Co., Ltd., Huayi Group, Nippon and other enterprises

"most of them go around in various enterprises in the industry, and poaching has become a common phenomenon in the industry. One second, they are still on the platform of the last brand, and the next second, you can see that the prefix of his title has become another brand." "People come and go" in the industry, just like a thriving scene

"old people" resign or "new officials" take office, which is a normal market behavior, but such a vigorous "people grabbing war" reveals that there is agitation and excitement in the industry today, showing that they are eager to grow, change and break the situation. What cannot be ignored is that they have also paid a high price for this. Strong resource support, rank, treatment, salary and so on are naturally indispensable

to be fair, coating enterprises need talents to promote their development. Such "poaching" from other brand systems is the most convenient choice. At the same time, they can also bring the experience and resources accumulated from other brands together. In a short time, they can naturally make correct judgments and choices. The results are indeed obvious in the selection period

but if such a trend in the industry continues to grow, It will also bring serious disasters to the benign development of the industry -

the chairman of a brand once bluntly said: "China's coating industry has encountered bottlenecks, a large part of which is caused by unfair competition. Now it seems that the most headache for enterprises is the excavation of talents, because the excavation of talents means the leakage of core secrets, so innovation has become a thing that they dare not do easily."

"iron camp, flowing soldiers", when high salary poaching is popular in the circle, also makes corporate culture identity, employee loyalty and other organizational concepts become a joke. Although it is easy to dig corners, it is more difficult to retain people. How to make talents gathered from all directions form a joint force, form a new team culture, integrate and support each other is the real test. It takes a lot of time, energy and resources, and "talents" have a special embrace after the harvest, which not only makes people feel that "in the end, they are all making wedding clothes for others"

take coconut trees in Hainan for example. They grow vigorously in Hainan, but they will not survive or bear leaves in the north. Good enterprise personnel arrive, but it drops to 10cps at 90 ℃. Bad enterprises do not adapt to the environment. Napoleon Bonaparte, the most important founder of France, said in 1818 that when bad business personnel went to good enterprises, they also had the problem of adapting to the environment. For example, the differences in enterprise culture, personnel quality, enterprise software and hardware, and management methods will make the recruited personnel unsuitable

therefore, it is better to go back and tie the knot than to fish with all your strength. During the development of enterprises, we must pay attention to the synchronous development and improvement of employees and enterprises, and do not rely on "talent excavation" to solve the problem of lack of talents in enterprises. Only by constantly building the ability level of original employees, introducing talents through normal recruitment and training, can we avoid detours in the problem of talents

the paint classic believes that without talents, there is no vitality. "Poaching" and "training" are naturally two different ways to establish talent groups. Rather than follow the trend and increase the cost, it is better to use the saved high corner digging expenses for team building and corporate culture shaping, give full play to the role of "mentoring" and explore the internal cycle of talent training, so as to go further

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